2007 Testimonials.


"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown



Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 



Trinity Continuing Care Services
Training December 5th 2007

Michigan Staff Training for two facilities

Evaluation Comments from Staff.

*I learned the importance of really knowing more about your resident can sometimes make a difficult situation easier to solve.

*A wonderful presentation.

*I am grateful my company invested me for this program.

* I liked the advance training in dementia.

*Very professional, kept my attention.

* I learned the importance of strategies to overcome life issues of a dementia patient.

* I was pleased with new resources and tools to use.

*I learned so much about elopement and wanderers.

*I liked all the new resources

*I learned that USA is not the global leader in dementia care.

*The trainers were excellent

*I enjoyed the entire present ion, great job."

* l learned way to much to give a complete answer on this evaluation.

* I found it extremely interesting and I learned a lot

*I learned creative ways to take care of Dementia and Alzheimer's patients and keep them interested.

*You guys were great, especially cramming all that information into one day. I love that you traveled to do the training for our facility.

* I learned a lot of material and it was very interesting.

*  I learned there is a lot of things that should be changed at some facilities.

* This course validated some of the great things we do at our facility and with our dementia clients.

* I enjoyed hearing the stories about the resident who was pushing another resident in wheel chairs.

*Elopement piece of the training was very interesting.

*I am really excited to get started using some of the things you taught us with our dementia clients.

* I thought it was presented well.

*I learned the right way to work with patients with repetitive questions.

*The instructors are very knowledgeable, have Sandra Stimson and Lynn Gordon back again.

*You gave great advise all the way around.

*All was well presented, i learned about the stages of aggression, which i did not know.

* Learned the importance of using smaller sentences and being calm.

*Great stories and skilled speakers.

*Really liked the stories that were integrated in the seminars.

*I learned how to talk to the residents on a better level, how to present yourself to the resident when they are angry, depressed and when they wander it may be due to much stimulation. Too much stimulation is harmful.

*Great seminar

* I learned too much to write down.  I learned dementia residents never loose the ability to problem solve.

*Great seminar and loved the personal stories.

*I found the communication section very interesting and helpful for my job.

*The validation section will help me to calm and help my patients work through their most difficult times.

* Because of the training, i now feel it will be easier for me to work better with my residents.

* I liked the visual explanation you gave about the disease that causes dementia.

*Very interesting day and the trainers held my attention.

*Relating the stories that you told from your consulting experience is great.

* I feel better trained to deal with frustrating residents.

*Enjoyed the "real examples", the enthusiasm of the speakers, their knowledge and ability to share.

*The whole thing was great. I learned how to help the problem instead of adding to it.

*Excellent seminar, very detailed and in depth and also good humor.


Training Held at Crown Plaza Hotel  New York
November 10 2007

Participants: Director of Nursing, Activity Professionals, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Nursing Assistants.


New information reinforcement of present practice.

I learned how to provide wholestic personal care for patients, self and family.

All aspects were pleasing, however diversity / cultural competence is exceptional.

I learned a lot on every topic and is applicable. This is knowledge i will reinforce with my families.

I learned new approach to problem solving issues with residents who fall frequently and have behavioral problems.  Can you visit our activity department it needs overhauling?

I was pleased with end of life care and cultural assessments.

I will in service my recreation staff and care givers who work on the dementia unit.

As a professional working in a nursing home, particularly a dementia unit, I must say the entire seminar pleased me very much and will greatly enhance my skills.

I wish I could go back to my facility and practice everything that i learned today. 

I enjoyed the approaches of the dementia patient.

I thought that there were excellent points and knowledge given today but feel that in the real every day today practices, you cant teach new dogs (administration) new tricks.

I will try to adapt the new information learned today in my daily tasks and interaction with my residents on the dementia unit and my mixed unit.

I learned about the dying process. 


Seminar held on November 20th 2007

Hosted by the Richard Simon Center for Alzheimer's

Jan Golembiski CSW

Coordinator of Richard Simon Center for Alzheimer's

Galloway NJ

Seminar was wonderful.

I specifically enjoyed learning about behaviors.  When working with people in the community, you give great tips for Wanderers and behavior.


Audience made up of Geriatric Care Managers, Nursing, Social Workers, Administrators and Activity Professionals.

These are their comments.

You have the most comprehensive curriculum out there.  

Excellent speakers, knowledgeable on the topic, and most important kept everyone's interest.

A wealth of information. Nice to have a list of resources. Great sampling of situations faced in the field. Awesome binder of useful data.

I learned to treat the individual as an individual and don't angry instead go to Maslows!

Lots of resources to use and look up.

I learned about resources and suggestions for care givers and increased my knowledge about care givers roles.

The hand out binder is excellent. So well organized. I like the fact that I can "listen" to the speakers without having to worry about taking notes..

I learned not to automatically declare dementia but rather to screen for depression or drug abuse.  I had never heard of reversible dementia.

This seminar was very interesting and kept the entire audience attention during the entire time.

I learned to teach other ways to intervene.

It is obvious that you come very prepared and knowledgeable about what you are teaching.

I learned that as a professional, that i don't know enough about dementia and need to keep learning.

Owners of facilities should participate in the training before they are allowed to open a facility.

Pleased with the presenters interaction with the audience.

You were highly received by all in my observation!!!!

I learned to safe guard my wandering clients. I will look into the local sheriffs department about project lifesaver. I am taking all this information back to share with my staff.

I liked that the instructors incorporated life experience into your presentation.

Personal touches always makes the seminar pleasurable especially since it was 8 hours.

Real time information is great.

I was very pleased with wandering. I just had a experience with my mother leaving an adult day care center.  The material was absolutely wonderful.

The wandering information was excellent, especially the information on Project Lifesaver.

I am already a CDP, but i found the seminar still excellent refresher and up to date.  

I loved the power point you used.

I learned about Safe Return with the Alzheimer's Association.

I liked the parts dealing with Cultural Diversity and sexual behaviors techniques.

I learned new approaches to integrate into the facility and to in service my staff with.

The hand out notebooks is a great resources to share with families and staff.

Upbeat presentation. Didn't drag on like most seminars. Good information.  I learned new ideas and techniques in dealing with dementia clients..

There was so much positive information given to us today. I will use the notebook and my notes and give an in service to my staff on the dementia unit.

It was very interesting beyond what i thought and expected.

The entire seminar was fantastic.  It would be wonderful to have certain parts taught to my life staff.

I found the seminar to be extremely informative, particularly the wandering program and diversity.

The notebook is very much appreciated. Lots of great hand outs. Thanks.

I learned about all the clinical tests and will pass this information on to my care givers.

I learned about environment factors when creating a dementia unit. 

There was nothing disappointing about this seminar.

The instructors kept my attention the entire time.

I learned great communication tips.

I learned a lot from the hand out notebook and the lecture, mainly in the activities area. 

I was pleased with the Nursing Home preparedness for wandering.

I really had a great experience, the speakers were both pleasant and entertaining. I learned a lot of information about Alzheimer's and dementia.

Lynn informative and kept our attention.

Lynn knowledgable and good sense of humor. 

The sharing of personal stories added to the understanding of dementia.

I will take the information i learned and share with my clients.

All were great.

I learned about activities and cultural diversity.

The seminar was well organized and was high in content. The which was provided
will provide good follow up. I learned, overall information regarding Alzheimer's clients needs and how to handle various problems with the care..  

Overall program was excellent. A lot of information which reinforced what i knew and provided more information that i did not know.

I liked the information about the Transfer waiver with reversible dementia.

I loved all the useful web sites.


Oct 27 2007 Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar

Very pleased with the materials provided. Seminar was very organized.

Julie Fernandez

Vice President

Spring Hills Assisted Living


Oct 27th 2007

"Loved It"

Karen Connelly TXC

Activity Director Network


Oct 27th 2007 Dallas Texas Training
"Train the Trainer"

This was the best and most useful seminar i have ever attended.

I am very excited in taking this back to our organization and helping our caregivers to take even better care of our residents. There were so many knowledgeable tools and tips from the communication, nutrition, behavior. All of this will be helpful in training my staff.

Susan Speed RNC
Training Coordinator
Employee Health
Bivins / Childres
Amarillo TX


Hi Sandra and Lynn,

Thanks for such a informative and knowledgeable seminar on Saturday.  I am so ready to begin teaching what I have learned.  I have already finished the books. It was wonderful and very inspiring. 

Susan Speed RNC CDP
Training Coordinator
Bivins/Childers Nsg Facilities



The staff evaluations (of your program), exemplify both (2 days) of the programs were excellent and provided the essential information on the care of the dementia patient. Participants verbalized to me how wonderful they thought the program was and your delivery of the content was dynamic and inspiring.  It was a pleasure working with Lynn and Sandra on this program.  We look forward to having you both back for another program in 2008.  Bay Shore Community Hospital  Holmdel NJ.


Hi there,

We are hearing such good things about the seminar.   This seminar was life changing for all of us.

Thanks for everything.

Margaret Beard
Project Coordinator
Louisiana Technical College
Greater Acadiana District


Thanks for the wealth of information supplied to us at the conference. I really enjoyed  meeting you and Lynn.

Cyndy Pyle


Dear Sandra,

I wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed the seminar you and Lynn gave at BHCC on 9/11 & 9/12. It was really well received.


Kirsten E. Kim, LNHA



Just a quick note to thank you for a very informative seminar. Although a small group I felt it went over very well and received very positive feedback. I will certainly keep you in mind for future seminars.

Thank you,
Genesis Corporation


May 5th Chicago Training
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar

It kept my interest.

Like all the handouts.

Very pleased with the program and not disappointed at all.

This seminar will help my staff work with this population better.

Many things i liked about the seminar. I am responsible for staff education. This gives me a wealth of information.

Very well presented in a format I can use.

I learned the different types of activities to use with the different stages of dementia.

Outstanding day! I can put much of this information to work on my unit. Thank you.

This seminar pumped me up. I will be able to bring information to my co workers and reminded me how important my job as an Rn and nurse manager is on the dementia unit.

Great information.

Great description of how Alzheimer's affects the brain.

Lynn provides profound information on cultural diversity, sexuality and end of life issues.

I was so impressed with the train the trainer seminar.

Sandra gave great new and refreshing ideas for activities. Activity professionals should all take this class.

This seminar will influence how i make decisions regarding patient care and how i interact with family.

It was helpful to hear all the life experiences of the instructors.

Changing instructors throughout kept the group alert.

This seminar provides me with all the training tools to educate my staff which will provider better care and makes me feel good about my job as a trainer.

Excellent materials and resources.

The activity suggestions were helpful.

I learned about the policy suggestions.

I agree with what you said that staff is "paid to smile and i liked the modules on cultural diversity.



Thanks so much for a very positive day, will follow through on other items in email. We have our dementia day at the legislature tomorrow so am busy with that but will do! I was really pleased with the content and am excited to be a part of this. Thanks, Nanc


Dear Sandy and Lynn,

Thank you for your time and hard word towards making others quality of life better. I'm excited bringing the CDP program to my facility and the Lake Charles, La region. Once again thank you.

Kevin J. Pembrook, MS, NFA (P), CDP (January 2007)


Dear Lisa and Sandra:

Thank you so much for the great seminar. I told everyone at Dellridge as well as my colleagues here in Lancaster how informative and well presented it was.

E.F.Wasilewski, D.C.


"Excellent program. Looking forward to seeing you again, and yes, let's do something in Chicago next year."

Ed McMahon, Ph.D
Golden Ventures
National Director of Alzheimer's Care/Quality of Life


"The Seminar is great and was very well done, contained a lot of very good information"


" I did not know that dementia clients don't lose their problem solving ability"


" Speakers held our attention and was not boring"


" I learned that dementia residents, their thoughts are real to them and treat them as real and to enter their reality, we enjoyed learning about "creating moments of joy and will use this great book as a communication tool"


" I was absolutely floored by the presentation. Each aspect of the seminar was detailed and interesting"


" Full of helpful knowledge and was not boring"


" I learned the importance of good communication and various aspe ts of dementia."


" Entire seminar was superb and I can't wait to get started in presenting this seminar in my state."


" I am in law enforcement and the course instructors kept my attention and was impressed with the instructors wealth of information. I learned that assisting caregivers in being patient with clients and families"


" The warmth and friendly presentation compiled by excellent educational information provided a well balanced program"


" I enjoyed when the speakers Lynn Gordon and Sandra Stimson shared experiences and information not included in power point pages."


" Everything was great."


" I learned how to present information for my seminars."


" I learned the importance of multi sensory environments for low functioning dementia clients."


" This seminar further reinforces my knowledge of Dementia and the manner in which I conduct my trainings and inservices programs and engage the residents with dementia."


" great instructors."


" Wonderful speakers."


" I enjoyed all parts of the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar and wished it was longer."


I have been certified as a CDP since this Spring, after attending your course. I want you to know that this certification has come in “handy” many times since then. When I am at care plans, when I am petitioning for certain improvements in the facility when I am trying to explain to employees what the residents need from us, when I am calling families to contribute to the resident's needs --- being a Certified Dementia Practitioner gives me credibility! I can tell you that a care plan was “turned around” the moment I told the family that I am a certified dementia practitioner! They may not have thought of me as good for anything but activities as an ACC, but when they heard dementia, and practitioner – they listened! The families are sometime in denial, and they need to here and believe that what we advise and what we will do for the resident is coming from a trained professional.
Keep up the good work!
Dolores Quinn, ACC, CDP