2010 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Practitioner Definition


Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 




Train the Trainer
New Orleans
December 4 2010
Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"I was so pleased to see the high level of expertise taught. I learned bits here and there that will enrich my trainings on multiple levels."

"I love the hand out notebook as opposed to copies of the slides. I will use this for trainings, in-services, family education and as a resource for my own family." 


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Seminar
Private Training
Katera's Kove Personal Care and Secured Dementia Community
Heart To Heart Home Care
Heart To Heart Medical Staffing Association

December 7, 2010

"Sandra made the seminar very interesting and layed back. I was relaxed because her presentation was professional and not stuffy. Very imformative. I am personal care Administrator and owner and RN and I have had many classes on Alzheimer's from Alzheimer's Organizations, the information I learned from this was much more than the Alzheimer's classes I took from other Alzheimer's organizations, Sandra was very personable, knowledeable and prepared."

Lynn Katetkavich RN CDP Owner & Administrator Katera's Kove Personal Care and Secured Dementia Community

"As an admninistrator, I am thoroughly pleased with this seminar. Risk management issues, staff training issues, were are very relevant to our situation. I am going to revise and reanalyze my risk management responsibilities and policies.

Karen Christian RN Owner Kateras Home Health Agency

"The wealth of knowledge was amazing. The hand out information was very informative. As an owner, I will apply as much if not all to my employeees / care givers the importance of knowing how to handle the client with dementia to make for a much better quality of life"

Elizabeth Butera CEO Owner Heart 2 Heart Home Care and Medical Staffing

"I learned that many things I do now are right and that a few of the things I have done in the past were wrong. I will take this and continue my education. All of the seminar was good." Nurses Aide

"I learned a lot on activities" Shift Supervisor

"I was pleased with it all. I learned how to deal with your personalities and how to learn through their past in order to cope better." Nurses Aide

"Speaker was very knowledabable and willing to answer questions. I learned about rummaging stations bins wand want to use that information" Nurse's Aide

"The role playing was great way to prove your points. The video was dead on also with behavior issues. It's always good to learn about new studies and also about different activities you can have for the dementia resident's." Nurses Aide

"I learned electrolyte in balance produces a anesthetic in patients who no longer eat or drink" Nurse's Aide

"I learned things to do with communication." Nurses Aide 


Train the Trainer
November 30 2010

"I am particularly pleased with the plethora of articles in the notebook. Wonderful to have the sources of information, rather than the tidbits of information from a power point slide. We are practitioners, not experts, With all the new research and advances occurring daily, we remain life long learners. We learn, we practice and we teach others.

Stephanie Perkins MT-BC CAEd CDP  


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and CDCM Class
September 19th 2010
Austin Texas
Trainers: NCCDP Executive Directors:
Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM and Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"The organization and delivery of material was outstanding, well worth , more than I had anticipated. Information was direct and applicable. I would repeat this. Excellent materials to share with staff. What a "WOW" experience. I enjoyed the day. I learned lots of new material today."

Marsha Cunningham LNHA CDP CDCM Vice President of Long Term Care

Baptist Health Care 

"I identified with and appreciated the passion of both trainers. They are clearly dedicated to educating care givers in best practice related to dementia. The sheer number of resources provided was amazing, not just the notebooks, videos but books, magazines, articles and internet resources that I didn't know was out there. I learned new meanings associated with various words that I wasn't aware of, I.e. chair, drink, etc. I learned the importance of noise studies, the effect of noise on our residents. I've been working in the field of dementia for 11 years and I learned a variety of things I wasn't aware of before Interventions to use with, Sexuality, inappropriate behaviors such as tool belts and funny packs. The importance of parallel programming in dementia, the instinctual feelings were areas of particular interest that few other training touch upon. As a national trainer it is important to be versed in a variety of areas and the training definitely provided that "

Sarah Stanisz BS CDP CDCM Program Coordinator Arbor Springs of West DesMoines    

"Two ladies that are completely involved in the progression of Alzheimer's education- funny to hoot! Although sexuality is a taboo topic in our society, the way it was presented here made us all feel comfortable. I loved the section covered on activities. It completely blows out of the water the three R's, Bible, Bingo and Birthdays (that are typically scheduled) and the importance of Success, failure free, purposeful and meaningful (activities)."

Stephen Illingworth ALM LNFA CDP Program Manager Texas State Veterans Homes 

"I was so pleased with the human touch and expertise of the teachers. I will work harder to find those moments of joy. I will work to share what I have gained with my staff. I gained an appreciation for persons with Alzheimer's Disease, I will gain more personal history from the resident and family so I can know each person better and provide better care."

Sharon Hernandez LNHA RN CDP CDCM Administrator The Ginny and Bob Shell Alzheimer's Center

Baptist Health Care

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Seminar
October 19th 2010
Austin TX
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"Greatly appreciated the diversity of both speakers. Thereby holding my attention. Appreciated all the web sites, resources and free downloads that are available. Would have liked a little more in depth discussion on some topics. I am new to the area of dementia, so all of the information was good and necessary, can see areas at my work place that need work to be better. I am anxious to organize some much needed in-services." RN

"One of the main aspects of this seminar was particularly pleasing to me was the willingness to share ideas and downloads so we can share this information with our staff and co workers. I have literally 10 pages of notes with ideas, suggestions and links to downloads on how and when to sue them." ADON LPN

"Activity Ideas were great, acknowledging cultural differences will be useful"

"Good resources for further learning and application to different various needs." Social Worker

"I was pleased with the section on spirituality, Nutrition and Hydration" Social Worker

"I learned so many numerous things to name, very informative, but learned in the areas of Wandering, activities, nutrition and communication." RN 



St. Joseph's Hospital
Physical Therapist / OT Seminar
Buffalo NY
September 25th 2010
Trainer's: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP 

"I am disappointed that so many of my colleagues missed such a great presentation. I am very impressed with the great examples. Thanks for all the web sites." Physical Therapy Assistant

"I was pleased with the competence of the instructors. I learned about the defination of dementia vs Alzheimer's" Physical Therapist

"I enjoyed the presenters stories and first hand accounts of working with dementia and Alzheimer's patients and family members. I learned to be more understanding and calm when working with patients." Physical Therapy Assistant

"The resource materials were very helpful. I learned good techniques to better treat patients with dementia. I will be better able to understand and communicate with this type of client." Physical Therapy Assistant

"The seminar was nicely presented." Speech Language P

"The seminar was wonderful, information was great. Thank you to the both of you."

"Lynne was very good. I learned a more in depth education on dementia which I can use with my patients." PT

"Discussion of personal experiences was helpful. I learned to live in the dementia patients world rather than trying to force them into reality." Physical Therapist

"Lynn has a great personality and Sandy good humor." Physical Therapist

"Great job! Good job with presentation of topics, made it interesting. Alzheimer's is the disease and dementia is the symptoms is what I learned." Physical Therapist

"Personal stories and real situations and articles and visual materials pleased me. I learned about the Feil Method, Validation Therapy, and fastest growing population is Hispanics and I need to learn spanish." Physical Therapist

"I was pleased with the actual demonstrations and illustrations, examples of how the information applies, personal stories, practical ways to address our residents needs, many resources available to help us care for our patients. Nice job ladies. Thank you for making the trip here to NY!"  Physical Therapist

"The information was great and practical, I liked the personal stories, I appreciated all of the resources offered. I will definitely get Jolene Brackey book and implement the ideas in the book." Physical Therapist


"I thought the presenters did a very good job integrating all of the disciplines into the talk on dementia. Besides the wonderful information by the speakers, the resources provided were invaluable. The depth of information was amazing and presented in a way that can be immediately implemented. Lots and lots of ideas". Fabulous presentation. Occupational Therapist

"Presenters did a great job. Material was very useful. I learned how to make my patients who suffer from dementia more safe and comfortable. I feel better equipped now to assist those patients and make their acute care experience more positive, I work in a hospital." Physical Therapist

"I learned not to correct people with dementia, instead try to problem solve with them." Physical Therapist

"Thorough content, excellent presentation! I learned how to get the dementia patient client through the next 10 minutes, enter their reality and live their truth." CTRS

"The seminar was thorough. I learned that dementia patients are acting on an instinctual level." Physical Therapy Assistant

"Good interaction. Both presenters kept my interest. I learned how to speak and treat these patients. I really enjoyed this!!!!" Physical Therapist

"Very informative. Very pleased with all of the resources given. Different intentions to use in the work environment. Enjoyed the different activities discussed." OTR

"I like the personal stories and experiences that help relate what we were learning to real life. I learned the various approaches to dementia patients to assist them in maintaining their quality of life." OT

"The true life experiences helped make point relevant and easier to visualize if I were to be in a particular situation. I learned specifically the behaviors and interventions methods regarding memory loss and wandering will be particularly helpful with in my care setting. The difference between Alzheimer's and dementia was also extremely important that I had never heard before.OT

"I enjoyed hearing all the life experience situations, hearing stories, how to cope and what to do in certain situations. The information regarding memory loss and wandering will be quite useful in my career and with my patients / residents." Physical Therapist



Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar Gloria Dei Communities Sept 16 2010
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"The information was current and presentedin a fresh and interesting way. The indepth instruction and discussion related to communication and behavior of the residents and patients with dementia can be used in daily practice." Donna Marie Saul RN CDP Resident Coordinator

"I learned how to approach dementia residents" LPN

"I enjoyed the seminar, I was very informative. I learned how to cope, enjoy, love and help the residents I care for." CNA

"The seminar was very very goof. I learned about non verbal communication. I will use the hand out notebook." Activity Professional

"The activities was most interesting but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire presentation." Nurses Aide

"I found the entire program to be extremly informative and enlightening." LPN

"There were really great ideas for activities. I learned alot about Alzheimer's and how it specifically affects the brain. I will use this everyday working in a dementia unit." CNA

"Very enjoyable and not boring. I learned many ways to deal with people with dementia." CNA

"I really enjoyed the seminar very much. I got a lot of information fr attending the seminar that I can't wait to try out and use. The role playing and personal stories kept the seminar interesting. I learned that we need to pay more attention to our residents. By reading their body language and to make sure we look into their eyes and their facial expressions and to listen to what they are saying." Nurse Aide

"Both speakers did an excellent job and kept everyone interested in all topics. They made it fun and enjoyable. I learned how to handle dementia Alzheimers residents and different levels and stages of their disease." LPN

"I liked the personal stories." LPN

"Sandy kept you on your toes and part of program." Director of Nursing


"This was a professional well organized top notch overview of dementia best practices. All of us involved with adults living with memory are fortunate to have the NCCDP on their corner. Their quality of life for those we serve are profoundly impacted as a result. I received a detailed contemporary overview of dementia, many clever examples, and concrete authentic evidence based practice strategies." Theresa Matacha MSW CDP Dementia wit Dignity LLC

"The entire course was both interesting and most valuable to me as both a professional and a caregiver. The portion on wandering was usefull information to share with my facility. As a person with a therapeutic recreation back ground, I know how important the environment is for dementia during activities. The environment needs to be considered all of the time and the instructors demonstrated by bringing it in to all the modules.
Melissa Goldstein CTRS CDP Broadlawn Manor Nursing and Rehab


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
September 14 2010
Philadelphia PA

"Enjoyed entire program and felt I was given many resources That will be very useful in changing our dementia units. I was very interested in noise study for my CQI and QA and will be using the WAKE UP book and will be ordering creating together journal." Activity Professional

"Reaffirmed changes we have been wanting to do." Activity Professional

"Learned new items to implement on dementia unit. Certain triggers that affect residents. Will change triggers or eliminate them." LPN

"Very informative. It was a lot of information, so it had to be covered very quickly but I will utilize the information in the binder hopefully will be as complete as the presentation. I am a staff developement coordinator at my facility so I wanted new and more information to pass on to the staff. LPN

"Information for dealing with dementia behaviors will be shared with co workers and staff at my facility." Assisted Living Administrator

"Entire program was excellent." Nursing Home Administrator

"Good presentation on the disease.Speakers well versed and well spoken, learned alot. I learned about sexual behavior and nutrition,
f248 with CNA present in dining activity rooms." RN

"Passion about the topic and example.I learned how to improve my approach in dealing with Alzheimer's. " LPN

"I will share the knowledge with my co workers. " Activity Professionals

"Lynn made everything very relevant and relatable. She was engaging and made me look at things in a different way through the dementia training. I really appreciate all the references you provide. This training has provided me with alot of confidence in doing my job"
Social Worker

"Was an excellent presentation best I have Been to in 15 years I have Bern in human services. Very informative and useful." Social Worker

"Very complete and I will enjoy articles for staff. Information on stages will be helpful for staff" CTRS

"I was pleased with spiritual care and end of life issues. I will take the contents of the presentation and work towards training the care givers" CTRS

"thank you for sharing your personal stories" CTRS



Train the Trainer
Sept 14 2010

"As a Vice President and co founder for Dynamic Senior Solutions, the training that was received from the NCCDP was extremely educational in keeping mr informed with this population. The science and studies behind this disease was presented in a professional and detailed manner. Keeping informed with options and creative ways to respect our dementia population to enhance their dignity is very important."
Dynamic Senior Solutions Tammy McVicar Owner

"As an owner of Dynamic Senior Solutions I found this coursecto becvery beneficial. I was pleased with the research articles and information regarding Alzheimers disease. Asa trainer of the Alzheimers and dementias care course, I am confident that this course will provide me the much needed education our community has longed for to better serve this population of people." Dynamic Senior Solutions Terrie Hickey RN Vice President Co Founder


Train the Trainer
Wilkes Barre Pa
August 19 2010
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP and Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM

"The section dealing with diversity is a great module to use when training staff. More information about the disease process and concepts to enlighten staff I will apply." Garry Pasby MS NHA CDP Memory Care Manager Emeritus Assisted Living

"I have been quite please at the information provided and the materials. You guys are very knowledgeable. I acquired a lot of ideas and issues that I need to incorporate in my facility." Psychologist

"I was pleased with the enthusiasm I which the speakers displayed while presenting the materials. I would like more information about medications. I learned to individualized meal time, such as only setting the table with utensils the resident is able to use. The resources and information provided are wonderful. I will be meeting with the appropriate disciplines and present specific materials to improve each facilities dementia unit." Heidi Elich MS RD LD LNHA CDP Area Manager Carolina Nutrition Consultants INC

"Information was thorough and well though out manual. Thank you for tying to such diverse topics into one cohesive package! The flow of the day was great with movement from topic to topic." Joy Wegand Life Enrichment Manager Emeritus Senior Living

"Learning new statistics, facts, ideas and creative ways to care for dementia population. The expectations of NCCDP and the quality of knowledge of the presenters (Lynn and Sandra). I will do my best to present accountable and accurate information to my employees and others who are afflicted with dementia and who are caregivers." Janine Starinsky MHA CDCM CDP Executive Director Oakwood Terrace

"The main aspect that particularly pleased me was receiving handouts and the books to refer to. I learned there is always going to me more to learn and times are changing as is the number of individuals who are getting dementia Alzheimer's. Education will always be needed." Kelly Covone Henning MA ACC PCHA CDCM CDP Dementia Unit Coordinator and Director of Activity and Volunteer Services Canterbury Place


NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Wilkes Barre PA
August 19 2010

"I loved all topics and wished we had more time. I run a family support group and have a lot of information to share and subjects for conversations. I will be presenting at my local Activity Professional meeting to bring you to upstate NY.  " Activity Professional

"Lots of information. I learned about the Validation Therapy Techniques, Helpful suggestions and avenues to explore when seeking history from family." Activity Professional

"I learned more about behaviors and a better understanding of the dementia process and how to help caregivers cope." Licensed Psychotherapist

"I was very pleased with entire seminar. I learned that the dementia patient are human and need to be treated with respect." Nurses Aide

"I was pleased with educational presentation and it was presented in a way that held my interest. Our activity program is seriously lacking in being meaningful to our residents and I plan on meeting with our administrator to facilitate changes." LPN

"Things were great! Fabulous speaking abilities! Great Job! I learned about additional resources and staff education." CTRS

 "Very well presented information. Great hand out binder and invaluable resources to use with patients and their families." I learned about supporting family, staff education on dementia units." Occupational Therapist



Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and Dementia Unit Manager Class
July 27th 2010
East Windsor NJ
Instructors: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM & Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP
Executive Directors NCCDP 

"The seminar was well presented, highly informative presentation. I was provided with a great deal of resources and information to share with my co workers. This included a number of online resources. Information on staff and family support will be used to develop and maintain healthy work environment." Michael Davison CDP RN Nurse Manager Long Island State Veterans Home

"I enjoyed the stories and interactive examples. New nuggets of wisdom and TONS of resources. Very practical ideas provided. The Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer course is comprehensive and will be a valuable resource to our staff. I know that staff will be excited and honored to have the chance to apply for the CDP Credential. Thank you for a great day." Rachelle Blough CTRS CDP Director of Memory Care Services Lexington Healthcare Network.

"Despite 20 years of geriatric experience, I gained new insight and tactics I will utilize. The resources were excellent and speakers were captivating! The sexuality portion was one that I gained knowledge personally. I will bring more specific activity program ideas back to my facility. I think we will be revamping a lot of our current activity programs!" Antonetta M. Kelly LPN CDP Family Matters Adult Day Center- Owner


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Car Seminar
July 27th 2010
East Windsor NJ
Instructors: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM & Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT CFRDT CMDCP

"The last thing Sandra spoke about was having the clients pray (as a queue) before they eat. I that to be very good. I learned how to really communicate with the clients with dementia. Also, to use good assessment skills. It very important to know your clients, just in case there might be a problem and you will know your clients better because of the information you gathered." Activity Director

"The entire presentation was extrordinary! I would love to be a trainer with the NCCDP. Tips on Mini Mental, Slums, Wandering, Elopement, Spiritual Care, plus so much more from each chapter. Great job each of you." Social Worker             

"I learned the practical aspects of treating dementia and Alzheimer's residents, how to handle situations involving problems with residents. I learned so much it is hard to pick just one aspect, communication (non verbal) how to handle individuals who are upset or emotionally distraught. I am walking away with so many practical solutions to use in everyday situations. Enjoyed this seminar enormously, informative, and presented in an interesting engaging manner. Social Worker  

"The content was engaging. The speakers were well versed in the topic and personal experiences." Social Worker

"Every moment of the seminar was interesting and energizing. I was pleased with the information to enhance quality of life! I wish that every single member of my facility could experience this. I will continue to educate my staff to make the best possible quality of life for my residents. This course built upon the knowledge I have and the passion I have for geriatric and dementia care. I so appreciate the passion the instructors had. I learned new information on diagnostic, statistics, cultural and spiritual improtance, understanding sexuality, etc. Excellent examples were so helpful. As an RN / DOn of an assisted living facility, when a family bring their loved one for initial assessment by me, I consistently find that there is so much that has not been done prior to the appointment by primary care physician. I find I am continually recommending a lift of things that need to be done. A comprehensive physical exam, labs, meds, hearing and eye exam, etc. Point being, a comprehensive assessment, proper diagnosis and ruling out reversible pseudo dementias need to be ruled out so we can properly prepare and recommend appropriate placement for everyone whatever that might be, ltc, assisted living, secure dementia units, etc." Director of Nursing Assisted Living

"Not enough time to get to all the questions I had and waiting to ask." Social Worker

"So many new ideas and resources. I've been in the field for over 20 years and enjoyed getting the new information. I learned about new ideas for wandering prevention and sensitivity." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with learning about Behavior Logs, how to implement aides getting more involved in activities, how to work on triggers and redirect the resident, educate the staff on how to handle a geriatric resident who wanders or  who is looking for their child or mother and what to do." Activity Professional and Nurses Aide          

"I was pleased with elopement information, risk factors, prescribed medication, depression and dementia. I learned the importance of dementia education in LTC. This seminar made me reflect on current dementia clients at adult day care. Our our services really meeting their direct needs." Activity Professional

 "I was really pleased overall with everything and it was well presented. I learned about activities, wandering kits. I am taking all this information back to my community. There is a lot of information that you presented that I can take to my facility and it will be helpful." Activity Professional

"Lynn was passionate about your topics and the stories you shared with the class. Sandra was extremly dynamic speaker.This was the best money I have ever spent on an educational program. I have learned new interventions to utilize in my assessments of new clients and in the care plans I develop. I learned something new and pertinent in each module. Thank you so much for your willingness to share so many important resources with us. Geriatric Care Manager

"I found the resources such as web links, books etc that were passed around, very helpful. The role playing class demonstrations was really good. I learned about policy and procedures and response for potential elopement helpful, as well as the need to conduct noise studies a great idea. I liked the idea about using pre recorded messages in build a bears, great idea! "Activity Professional

 "I learned that FTag 323 and merger of 324 will help to promote the nursing assistants being in the day rooms for supervision, important." Activity Professional    


Train the Trainer
Orlando June 9th 2010

"as a trainer and Activity professional, I'm excited to seethe department barriers coming down. It's not my job are no longer excuses that can be used. All our pts are each staff members responsibility.
I'm excited to be a part of that education process so that education process so that staff will be responsible for and know how to deal with each individual that lives in our facility. Great presentation."
Cammie Duncan CTRS CDP
Recreation Director
NHC Healthcare

" As an experienced national trainer and speaker, I found this training to be very thorough, engaging and well put together. The resources shared were current and relative and I'm looking forward to sharing all I gained with my team.
I can't wait to get started on the training. You both are great speakers."
Debbie Whybra BASW CDP
Director of Life Enrichment
Advantage Management Group

"As a trainer I will present the Alzheimers disease and dementia care seminar to all clinicians and others in the community. I particularly liked the staff family support information as it gave specific items to refer to families. I learned about communication and validation and feelings and will teach others as it gave me specific ways to respond to different patient concerns."
Jan Carter RN BSN CDP
VNA of Texas
Nurse Educator

"I enjoyed all areas of the seminar. As an instructor I felt the materials was more concentrated in the areas I teach. "
Kathleen Burke RN CDP

Alzheimer' and Dementia Care Seminar
Orlando June 9 2010
" I liked the stories and activities suggested. Good suggestions for caregivers at my facility as well as the many wonderful resources that were given." Speech Language Path

"I liked the resources and information that were given. I learned to provide resources to new social worker and families and patients about dementia."
Social Worker

"I learned about communication and feelings. Very intereting seminar and good presenters. Thanks! RN

"I would like more information pertaining to hospitals. I learned about the Validation technique." RN

" The presenters did a great job. Very interactive and a great way of presenting. I learned alot about dealing with residents and programs that would be very effective. It was just great. Activity Professional

"Everything was great great great wonderful.!!! I learned about medications, how to help family deal with dementia. The differences between dementia and alzheimer's. How dementia works on the brain. How the disease affects the patient."
Home Health Aide CNA

" I was pleased with the tons of information. I learned too many things to mention." CCM

"I learned about validation"
Physical Therapist

"Great course! Loved all the resources. Kept my interest and increased my enthusiasm to make a difference in my facility. I learned to set up wandering and elopement teams. "
Speech Therapist


Ohio Physical Therapy Association
Columbus Ohio May 15th 2010
Presenters: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP
Sandra M Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM

"Loved the articles and referral to various resources, personal anecdotes helped clarify the principles discussed.Many great ideas for re-directing and managing crisis, also will the binder to keep as desk reference, will also refer to the web sites recommended."

John D.Tonkovich, Ph.D. Speech Language Pathologist Eastern Michigan University

"Outstanding and thank you so much.Very gifted speaker and great stories and examples. Great resources thanks so much for sharing the information. Fantastic presenters and this will help me teach the staff where I work to make our care more effective." Occupational Therapist  


"I never went to nursing school, although working in the medical field, so some language is more technical than my education allows. But this seminar was presented in a way I understood and I can take it back to my resident assistants. I learned about sexuality in the elderly is definitely not talked about. It was great to just to know that someone cares about the frustration with the elderly, the effects of nurses aides come across." Assisted Living Administrator

"The presentation examples were very relevant and realistic. Great review and nice updated information regarding the topic." Occupational Therapist

"A lot of the ideas that were given for interventions were very creative." Therapist

"The presenters were engaging and provided  a professionals a good list of resources for additional material. They communicated real world experiences in a practical way. This course was well planned. I would attend any seminar modeled after this course." Physical Therapist      

"I enjoyed that articles were passed around and the great presenters gave personal examples from experience and included the audience to get points across, entertaining while providing a lot of information. I learned how to effectively respond to repetitive behavior and combative dementia patients. I benefited from the re-cap on Alzheimer's and the sexual and intimacy portion. This had never been touched on through out school. I enjoyed the Elderspeak article." Physical Therapist

"Will mention the need for increased activities at my facility." Physical Therapist

"Very informative. I learned to take the time to listen to my patients and to find out the reason why a patient may act the way they do." RN

"Excellent bibliography and resources. I learned about wandering and recovery, the wanderers recovery sheet is a great resource. Taking pictures of the sole of shoes is a great idea." Physical Therapist

"Very knowledgeable presenters!!!

"I really enjoyed all of the personal stories. The session role playing and examples of different kinds of dementia and video was good and also using the therapists and the hands on activities were great." Speech Language Pathologist  

"Shared personal experiences kept presentation interesting . Wide variety of subjects covered related to dementia. This course was a great reminder for the importance of person -centered care. Will make me more aware of how I interact and will share this information with other practitioners.

"The course was a great reminder for the importance of Person Centered care. Will make me more aware of how I interact with resident's and will share this information with other practitioners. The Shared personal experiences kept presentation interesting. Wide variety of subjects covered related to dementia." Occupational Therapist   


"A good affirmation of us as caregivers. Reminds me of how to interact with my patients" Physical Therapist

"Presenters very well- Info was great. I learned about techniques in managing client." Physical Therapist

"I loved your humor. Most useful to me was the concept of living their truth, I liked all the web sites and literature and resources provided and hope these help fill in the information I was hoping to get from the workshop."Occupational Therapist 

"The real world examples were good. Both speakers had interesting examples." Occupational Therapist

"I will apply a lot of the interventions, thinking more creatively about how to handle it." Physical Therapist

"I learned a lot of ideas for activities (functional and recreational) for our dementia population." Physical Therapist

"The information was interesting overall" Physical Therapist

"I learned it is important to slow down when you speak. I learned how to re-direct and not upset them because they may sense you don't care if you don't allow this." Physical Therapist

"I appreciated the frankness. Refreshed prior learning as well as introduced new ideas, techniques and information." Occupational Therapist

"Good information in binder and references, good personal examples, good over view and will be able to utilize with our population as well as with family and friend situations." Occupational Therapist

"I liked the care tips and activity tips given are great. However, it seems as though this would be accomplished with extra staffing only. The present staff that we have could never provide all these services. I will hold several in-services for staff within the next several months." Director of Nursing

"Excellent information. Too much for one day."

"I learned ideas to use in hospitals, and how to approach a patient in acute settings." Occupational Therapist

"I learned ideas for resident appetites who don't eat well. I will definitely read the articles you provided on dementia and falls." Physical Therapist

"Loved the articles and referral to various resources. Personal anecdotes helped clarify  principles discussed and would have liked more digital video examples of concepts in addition to the example shown. NCCDP had many great ideas for re-directing and managing crises, also will use the binder to keep as a desk reference, and refer to the web sites recommended." Speech Language Pathologist  

"Definitely worth the cost, both speakers were excellent, the session went by quickly and very helpful"

"Very pleased with the animated and humorous approach to what could be a dull and depressing. That made a long day fly by and loved the personal and family experiences."

"Great presentations with humor. I learned how to deal with the dementia client." RN

"Would have liked more information on how to give cognitive testing, safety for therapy, safety measures on admission. I learned to increase awareness on what meds my clients are taking and what type of dementia do they have." RN

"Enjoyed that the presenters had personal experiences to be able to understand what caregivers go through. They didn't just book knowledge to inform us." LPN

"I liked how both Lynn and Sandra would give examples of situations from their personal experiences and to help us understand and relate to the seminar. I learned that communication and feelings of the Alzheimer's and dementia patient and really knowing how to find out what they need, especially when they can not say it them selves." LPN

"The seminar was excellent. I did not know about the NCCDP and will be applying." Social Worker

"I liked the part about substance abuse and depression." I am going to take back all of the wandering and hoarding aspects of this day."

"So happy to get useful hand on techniques to help assist both caregivers and patients. I learned about wandering information for care givers, treads of their shoes, and will increase safety of home health patients." Therapeutic Recreation and Physical Therapist

"I particularly liked interventions offered for behaviors, activities for dementia and low functioning, food presentation and activities for decreased functioning residents. I can bring these ideas to the food manager and activity person." LPN

"Nothing disappointed me. I felt all the tips were useful, great resources. I didn't now that tube feeding did not prolong (meaningful) life. I will use all of this information and this will enable me to provide higher level of care  for the patients and their families. The web site and handout book information was extremely helpful.

Physical Therapist

"Both presenters were well versed and knowledgeable and presentation was great. Very good resources." COTA/L

"I liked the enthusiasm, comprehensiveness and its useful. I learned how to recognize specific problems with dementia and keep them safe and comfortable."

"I loved reminders of how to treat Alzheimer's patients, environmental issues and triggers and safety issues. Both presenters very passionate, animated and fun to listen to." Physical Therapist

"Great resources mentioned"

"Great examples of stories to illustrate points. Learned many practical ways to deal with dementia clients and have a new understanding of the disease." Physical Therapist

"Covered all areas of care of dementia patient allowing us to go back to work and implement some part of this new knowledge despite our level of care. Great resource list. How to better manage depression, repetitive behaviors, aggressive behaviors and that every Alzheimer's patient is an individual. Activity Professional

"Please with the activity information and validation ideas. Resource index is excellent. Liked Lynn's demonstration on Validation ideas. Therapist  

"Nice to have all of these ideas listed for family and staff training." Occupational Therapist

"Liked personal stories to assist with learning. Excellent Course Content" Physical Therapist

"I liked the article on Elderspeak and will present to my facility, encourage nursing assistant in-service on this. I learned about symptoms of depression overlap dementia and to deal with those and not miss them." Physical Therapist

"Thank you for the web site and notebook information. I really enjoyed all of the personal stories. Also loved your introductions to get our attention. I learned more creative ideas to treat a resident as a whole person, use materials to help other staff members and family. Maybe I will do in-services."

Speech and Language Pathologist



Train the Trainer
Seattle Washingon
May 6 2010

Louisa Miceli RN BSN CDP
Director of Education
VNA of Greater of Philadelphia
"As a dementia trainer I was very impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise of the presenters. The materials provided were beyond my wildest expectations and I left the seminar feeling inspired and energized to return to my organization and educate the staff. I learned the correct way to handle sexual behavior, provide inservices to my staff and make sure policies are updated. I learned about searching other countries for dementia education."

Ginger Stewart PD ADC CDP
Program Director
Ashley County Medical Center
"As a trainer, I enjoyed the easy and comfortable way sensitive issues were presented. I liked all the information concerning websites and unending resources. I learned overview of dementia and I plan to use it in the unit I work in. Many little things I hadn't thought about in the way it was presented today."


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Seattle Washington
May 6 2010

"I enjoyed all of it. I learned dementia Alzheimer's process and to provide information to staff." Social Worker

"Really good personal experiences. I learned about Elopement and sexual information. "CTRS

"Easy to understand. The use of real life situations, instructors, work in health care facilities. So they are able to relate personal experiences to their teachings." Social Worker

"I was pleased with all of it. I learned other techniques to help with Alzheimer's disease and wanderers."

"Great session. Very enjoyable and I learned alot. A lot of material to go through in 7 hours. I learned about reversible dementias and barriers to communication and intimacy and sexuality and will train my staff about all of this"

"This seminar has invaluable knowledge and resources the only negative or suggestion would be that's it's so much information for one day. I learned about so many different resources I didn't know exist. I will be endlessly looking at new websites. Thank you!

"Alot of information presented quickly but very well! The two instructors contrast against each other which it worked very well for the presentation. I learned about daily activities and calendars."
Activity Professional


Life Care Centers of America
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
February 23 2010

“The information was very informative and well presented."

"Both speakers used real life examples to explain and assist with understanding the topic and content."

"Great speakers and sharing of experiences made it meaningful. I feel much more prepared and able to support our facilities with dementia care."

"The best part of the training was the activity interventions."

"Sandra and Lynn were awesome and very knowledgeable."

"It was presented with a very good knowledge of the material presented."

"Best part of the training was the speakers. Really enjoyed the topics and the speakers kept my interest."

"The phenomenal way the presenters delivered the information. There wasn't a dull moment. They were knowledgeable and I personally enjoyed their personal life experiences. I wish we could have them back for the Annual DON meetings."

"I really enjoyed the personal stories shared by both presenters which really brought home the key concepts."

"The speakers were dynamic."

"The best part of the presentation was the Spiritual presentation and Diversity topics."

"The training was relevant and timely to our current practices and is definitely very usable information."

"This was an excellent presentation."

"The best part of today's training was case studies."

"The tools to be able to share the knowledge with anyone touching the lives of the residents. This has been an excellent opportunity and I want to thank you for the wonderful experience."

"The best part of the training was everything. The training materials are well organized and will be beneficial in our everyday practice within our facilities. Lynn and Sandy are exceptional! I truly enjoyed this style of presentation, knowledge base and heartfelt stories."

"Real life examples and the focus on quality of life."


Life Care Centers of America

Corporate Training

Train the Trainer

Cleveland TN

February 23 2010

"The information was relevant and current. The resources were excellent. Life Care will definitely use this information for training our facilities and further developing our Alzheimer's and dementia programs."

Dee McCarthy RNC BSN Senior Vice President of Clinical Services 

"End of Life Training was well organized. I learned the importance of educating the caregivers to stay connected with their social (resident) group."

Mike Reams Senior Vice President Rehab Services 

"The section on Activities was very informational. I learned where valuable resources can be found and how to keep current on dementia. Callie Mahaffey National Manager Food Management Services.  

"This seminar offered many opportunities to raise the bar of quality of care that we all deliver daily to our residents. I was given a multitude of educational tools to share with everyone that touches the lives of our residents to be cared for with a greater knowledge of their feelings and giving them all the dignity they deserve." Linda Parsons RN-BC Regional Director of Clinical Services 

" By far, the best dementia training I have ever participated in, during my 18 years in long term care. I learned also where to obtain resources to enhance our educational sessions for our associates."

Kelley Hamm RN Division Director of Clinical Services

"The individualized modules provides a wealth of "usable information" which can be incorporated into everyday practice immediately. Lynn and Sandra were extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable and made this seminar very memorable. I truly appreciated the correlation between the different stages of dementia / Alzheimer's and appropriate interventions which prove successful when providing care at each level of the disease process. The seminar is a benefit to all disciplines and care givers.

Tami Hafner RN BSN Regional Director of Clinical Services

"The seminar was very informative and well presented. The seminar was excellent and the information presented guides the caregiver in providing a safe and caring environment for the demented resident in long term care. " Belinda Reed RN BSN

"All topics discussed were shared in a real life manner with actual examples from health care facilities> obvious experts in areas related to caring for dementia diagnosed residents. The activities section of the training will be most beneficial to our staff and residents."

Sheila Milburn Regional Clinical Services Director

"Excellent speakers with great experiences and wisdom to share. I am much more confident regarding dementia care and feel the training has renewed my interest and ignited a passion for the dementia care that I did not recognize until the training. Cathryn Rayle RN Regional Director of Clinical Services

"I found the specific interventions for the Activity Program very beneficial to stimulating those with dementia. I hope to take this information back to the facilities I work for. I hope to enhance the current special care units and that staff that work for those residents to provide them with the quality of life they so deserve.

Wendy L. McCormack RN

"The knowledge gained will enhance my ability to train care givers of dementia patients."

Denise Wald RN BSN Regional Director of Clinical Services

"I was pleased with the Social Service aspects and Activity portion of the class. I learned about Alzheimer's approaches and validation techniques helpful."

Maria Davis RN BSN Director DCS

"This seminar was very informative and met my expectation. This seminar will enable me to have a better understanding of dementia. It will also make me more effective with my staff, families and residents."

Susan Bush RN

"The many web sites and resources that are available for training and learning are going to be helpful. I really enjoyed the "real" life experiences and how the different issues were dealt with and the ideas on how to solve problems in our facilities. The presentation was wonderful and I was not bored nor did I loose interest in the topics."  RN

"I was thoroughly impressed by the presenters ability to hold my attention through many hours of training. It was phenomenal!!!. The best in service in years. I learned how to deal with family members in crisis. I also learned that we need to do a better job educating our front line staff on dementia, associated behaviors and their families."

Eleanor Heaton Regional Director of Clinical Services

"I really enjoyed  both Lynn and Sandy's perspective and personal stories to make the training intimate and enjoyable. Overall, the content of material presented was a great review for myself. I plan to share the newly gained knowledge to use in future training's." Clemente Aquino OTR/L Director of Regulatory Compliance

"The cultural and diversity session was right on the money." Daniel J. Navarro RN BSN


Springfield Residence

Feb 16 2010 

"I am pleased with the understanding that the instructors had on each subject. Their ability to share their knowledge made it easy for me to take in the information that was being taught. I learned more about dementia and activities." Program Assistant Adult Day Care

"I learned that working with dementia residents, that everyone person is different and in order for you to assist a person that you understand that person and the way to understand that person is to listen to them and get to know them better." Nurses Aide 

"It was a great course and very interesting. I learned to provide group activities that fit each individual need." Activity Professional

"Information was pertinent to my job and the instructors gave lots of examples. I learned about more ideas for appropriate activities for dementia. I liked the idea that you reinforced the uniqueness of each individual, that our clients have prefences and cultural backgrounds that we should appreciate and support. " Activity Professional

"The whole seminar was very interesting. " Nurses Aide 

"The seminar was very informative, and I learned about the differences of Alzheimer's and Dementia." Nurses Aide

"Everything was totaly pleasing. " Nurses Aide


Alzhiemer's and Dementia Care Seminar

Philadelphia, PA

February 2, 2010

"I was pleased with the entire presentation!"

Nurses Aide

"I loved all the program material presented, it was a spartk for dementia programs"

Theraputic Recreation

"Great speakers with great topics.  All healthcare workers should have the opportunity to attend this class.  It was a great learning experience.  Thank you for all the free information and websites for in-services."


"All the information was helpful and well organized.  I will remind our staff to become more involved, to ask families questions regarding particular habits and words in order to learn more about the individual resident."

Activity Professional

"The role playing examples were great.  The program provided great examples to add to my in-service presentations.  This was the most comprehensive program I've ever been to."

Theraputic Recreation

"The seminar was enjoyable and kept my interest.  I felt motivated to return to work and put the information to use."

Social Worker

"The ideas to satisfy residents and their families pleased me.  The information on how to avoid wandering and elopement along with suggestions for a plan in case of an elopement was very useful.  The suggestions for more nutritional snacks was useful also.

Activity Professional

"The personal antidotes and humor used by both presenters made a long day seem short.  Both speakers motivated me to learn more and validated what I already knew.  It made me feel I am on the "right track" of "best practice".  Thank you for your expertise, it will help me to become better and reach a gold standard"

Assisted Living Administrator

"I liked the jokes and ambiance of the presentation.  I received lots of programming ideas and I feel better equipped for my job"

Activity Professional


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Pittsburgh, PA
February 5. 2010

"I was very please with the definitions and differences between elopement and wandering and what preventative measures to take.  The views on how we as healthcare providers see, feel and think about dementia were very realistic.  I wished all my staff including DONs were present at this seminar.  Thank you very much, I enjoyed it.  Well done!"

Nursing Home RN

"Very educational.  Both speakers were wonderful.  I found the many different ideas to improve our Alzheimer's unit, like wandering prevention, rummage areas, what should and shouldn't be in dementia units