2011 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Practitioner Definition


Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 




Train the Trainer
Tampa Florida
December 6th 2011

"I was especially pleased that the program included spirituality support for the Alzheimer's and dementia resident. As a registered nurse and residential care administrator and business owner, the seminar provided me with an organized and comprehensive framework to utilize to educate and empower my direct care staff to provide our residents with appropriate high quality care."
Executive Director / Owner

"As a Regional Clinical Nurse responsible for training our long term care staff, I found this course to provide excellent information for care of the dementia client. This is an excellent educational opportunity to enhance the qualify of care of the residents in our facilities. The various techniques for approaching residents behaviors and challenges will be valuable to all care providers. I greatly appreciate the resources provided through out the day."
Lori Jamison RN NHA CDP CDCM
Corporate Health Care Resources Eastern INC
Regional Clinical Services Specialist

"As an educator and theologian, I was particularly pleased with the integration of spirituality in many of the modules. As a nurse manager, I was very pleased with the incredible amount of take away's, piratical and easy to implement suggestions to make our resident lives more joyful and fulfilling. This was fantastic! Easy to implement suggestions regarding activities and environment; practical ways to manage multiple behaviors; ways to support resident and family communication, feelings; helpful tips to educate staff members. A treasure trove of necessary information. Don't miss it!"
Cynthia A. Johnson RN BSN MA CDP CDCM

"As a corporate nurse i found the depth of this curriculum incredibly impressive. The concepts and head of the curve dementia care concepts will be a huge asset to my company in providing quality care. I found the education on how a person with dementia acts on natural instinct highly valuable. I feel this is an essential concept that we all should focus on to meet each person's need in the most sensitive way."
Alesia Smith RN BSN CDP CDCM
Corporate QA Nurse
Axiom Health Care Management


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Tampa Florida
December 6th 2011
Instructors: NCCDP Corporate Staff
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"Everything was wonderful! I have never spent a more productive and more meaningful day. I wanted to stand up and applaud! Fantastic training."
Paula Havird Health Surveyor Ascellon Corporation

"Both presenters were extremely knowledgeable but the most impressive thing is their passion to help others nurture the lives of those who have dementia. I learned ways to help staff improve their effectiveness as caregivers" Clergy

"I was pleased with what you presented on acknowledging the spirit in us all and the importance of recognizing it in our precious gems we call residents. The gifts all of us who work with the elderly have. We have to have humor is so important. I intend to bring the information to 8 of the assisted living communities. This was awesome." Client Service Coordinator Keystone Health Care

"Well rounded seminar, a great resource and refresher. I learned to more aware of the resident environment and more staff accountability." Health Care Professional

"Handbook and resources great to continue education after conference and share with peer staff and caregivers. Thank you for these resources. Also love the examples. I learned about thinking instinctually, spiritual aspect. Ill communicate differently, realizing how patients may be feeling. Also share these thoughts, information, ideas with peers and caregivers. This will enhance less distress by all" RN Nurse Practitioner

"Sandra has a wealth of knowledge and great information. Lynn style enjoyed her presentation. Excellent presentation. Probably one of the best seminars I have been to in a long time." Social Worker

"I truly enjoyed being reminded of why I do what I do. This course reminded me the significance of how we approach our geriatric population and the honor we have in caring for people at this stage of life. Great information and great resources." SLP Director of Rehabilitation

"Today's information should have been made mandatory before I became an activity coordinator in the dementia Alzheimer's unit, instead they sent me to watch and test on a 20 year old movie in west palm beach. We have monthly training's but it simply doesn't touch this. Thank you! This reaffirmed how our elderly needed to be spoken to, cared for, watch for signs of UTI, etc. I will take back to my unit Creating Moments of Joy to the next level, get everyone watching how they treat the elderly and responding respectfully at all times." Activity Professional

"I learned to Train my staff, individuality of my residents with dementia, increase the spiritual awareness of the staff." Assisted Living Administrator

"Very good information. Very good presenters. I learned about additional resources." Trainer

"Good examples of principles. Good interventions for behaviors." RN

"Information was very informative however not everything presented was in the training manual and would have liked those. Awesome awesome information. Over all very pleased with the information. You guys are great presenters. This was very informative and I plan to use this manual to provide better care to the residents. Also use information to help educate the staff on how to interact with the residents. I hope to be able to make the residents day that more meaningful and enjoyable." CTRS


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Columbia SC
November 14th 2011

"The program went well with few surprises. I liked the healthy fruit snacks.

The best part was the depth of knowledge and dedication of our speakers Lynn and Sandy. This was palpable and sincere, evidenced by their sharing personal experiences and providing answers and myriad resources to our questions.

I learned the concept of the highly developed instinct of people with dementia...looking back, it makes sense!

The Johare Window is fascinating and I will spend more personal time with this.

Ideas for further info: Emotional Intelligence

To Lynn and Sandy: Thank you for being living, real examples of dedicated caring for our world family who is dealing with dementia."

RN, BS, COHN-S certified occupational health nurse specialist, CCDP
Judith A. Surak JAS,(Judy)
TriCounty Technical College, Pendleton, SC, contractor for AnMed Health, Anderson, SC


Train the Trainer
Columbia SC
November 15th 2011
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"I was particularly pleased to hear Lynn speak about the spiritual aspects of dementia. I loved that Sandra had an activity background. I liked the combination of both of their personalities in presenting the seminar. I learned to expand my Internet information search globally. Invaluable. This seminar helped me to remember so much information and I know this will help me tremendously in my job." Trainer Corporate

" The seminar was very in depth and the presenters are knowledgeable in their field. I enjoyed the resources the passion each presenter displayed. I will use the information and knowledge gained to better prepare my staff, community, referral sources and caregivers with a better understanding and knowledge of the disease process and it's effect."

Virginia Parker RN BSN CDP CDCM
Pioneer Health Services Inc
Behavioral Health Division


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
October 25th 2011
Bloomington MN
Corporate Trainers: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT CFRDT CMDCP

"As a trainer I found the information presented is cutting edge, provides you with the tools you need to provide care to people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia with confidence."

Julia Alvarez RN CDP MN Staff Development Veterans Home Silver Bay


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Bloomington MN
October 25th 2011
Trainer: Sandra M Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-BC
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

" Love the resources and passion both of you have. Tons of information to staff. Validates everything I believe but struggle to get applied being the only Social Worker in a big facility with tons of nurses." Social Worker from North Dakota

"Lots of good information and very pleased." Activity Professional and Nurses Aide

"After watching your web site for years I am so glad you came to MN. Your energy - both of you was wonderful." RN

"Will be able to utilize many aspects of the seminar daily." RN

"Nice overview of the material. Appreciated the video and ensuring discussion." Chaplain

" Good resources to investigate and utilize. Will bring back sexuality to be be discussed in my facility."

"Pleased with seminar. Ideas to try, triggers. It will help me to help families understand." Activity Professional

"The seminar will make me wiser to my clients needs." LPN

"Appreciated the many resources shared. Reinforcement of the need to think globally. The saying, if we know better-we do better, we liked." CTRS

"Very engaging style. I learned about wandering policy and outings." RN DON Assisted Living Administrator

"I was pleased you spoke highly of activity professionals. I learned about 323 and 324 CNA's need to be involved and learned about importance of staff supervision in day rooms. Great delivery in an upbeat way." Activity Professional.



Avow Hospice
Naples Florida
October 11th and 12th 20111

"I learned the need for more current theory and practical help to care for Alzheimer's Disease and dementia patients and help our caregivers. I know this training will make all of us better caregivers. I learned to develop wandering kits, grids in our facility. We will require this course for all of our caregivers. I know this training will make all of us better caregivers. I learned to conduct a noise study for our facility. We will show the VIVE video and will do the Basketball Assessment videos to our staff, get microphones for our assessments for staff to help with hearing impaired. I learned how do we say good bye. Your passion is infectious. The audience can't help but be engaged. Two of the best teachers I have ever had." Hospice Administrator

"The topic was well explained and detailed. We learned that every single detail of the patients are helpful to better treat the Alzheimer's dementia patient. I learned how to respond to a confused patient. Physician"

"Some good information on reassuring the patient. It was inspiring. " Social Worker

"I learned a good knowledge base and resources, new techniques to use with dementia patients." RN

"It was all good. I learned about patience and creating a nice atmosphere." Activity Professional

"This was excellent. Wonderful flow of material covered. I learned to be more mindful of the dementia patient." RN

" Thanks for the memories, laughter and tears. Very engaging and energy, loved the stories and personal identification. Loved the speakers style. I learned global issue and solutions, guidance and programs, websites, resources, lack of training, Ill will schedule staff meetings daily, offer resources and provide materials for staff and caregivers. Thank you so much for reminding me why I am in this field. I know I am in the right place and appreciate your guidance and resources. Helen. Owner Executive Director Adult Day Care

"I liked the number of resources and knowledge gave to us. The resources are very helpful to refer to families, how to deal in certain situations and more understanding of the patients." Volunteer supervisor

"Intimacy discussion well done." RN

"Demonstrations were excellent. This seminar will be very helpful as a CNA. It has increased my knowledge on the effective way to caring for patients with dementia." Nurses Aid

"I liked all kinds of activity they can have in different facilities to improve the living of the resident. I learned how to communicate with the residents with dementia and that will help on my career in the future." Physician

"Entire seminar was very interesting, informative for me in many ways not only professionally but also personally with family with dementia. I learned about basic causes of behavior, various ways of dealing with behavior." RN

"Great interventions." RN

"I enjoyed the whole thing. I will apply everything. Responding appropriately. Self awareness." RN

"Everything was informative and for me a great learning experience. Some techniques on how to handle client who are difficult and challenging I learned." RN Assisted Living Administrator

"I learned new ways of treating patients with jumping into their life, their time (Live their Truth)." Case Manager

"Fantastic! Thank you." RN

" Great programs, great ideas for training programs for staff. I learned about sun downing and what it really is and how to deal with it." Assisted Living Administrator

"It was very helpful with initial assessments with clients. previously a caregiver with Alzheimer's patients. We are training our care givers in depth." Marketing Home Health Agency

"Personal stories were great. Update on state regulations and policies were great. I learned to keep helping the caregivers." ALZ Networking

"I was pleased with titles of books and resources of information regarding dementia. I learned that patients listen to the melody behind your speech." RN

"I learned about information on wandering and safety." RN

"I learned the proper way to deal with dementia residence questions." Nurses Aide

"It was great. I wish we had more time available. I learned how unique every patient is and how to learn to adapt the environment." RN

"I enjoyed the whole seminar very good and knowledgeable information for all. I learned to know that it is okay to not re orient patient to the present. It is ok to help them look for their child etc. Not sure where I learned this but have always done so. I am glad to know it is ok because many times I have received many funny looks in the past." Hospice Nurse RN

"Excellent information presented. I learned, Interventions for caring for patients with dementia, communication skills, care needs for patients better understanding of dementia." RN

"I liked the humor and interpersonal skills in lecture and personal experiences related. I learned recommendations for patients behavior, "living the patient truth". I learned about hoarding behavior of elders not necessarily having dementia, better understanding why have this behavior." RN

"I enjoyed all of it. Very interesting. I learned about communication and the dementia patient." RN

"Pleased to learn the new ways to interact and respond to clients, communication techniques." RN

"The entire seminar was well done, organized and very educational. I have practiced validation therapy and this was an excellent refresher on dementia and Alzheimer's patients." Social Worker

"It was excellent." Social Worker

"It was very informative. Both women were well prepared and maintained interest. I learned more of an understanding and how to cope with yourself and the patient." Nurses Aide

"Loved the stories and examples. My experience with dementia has been limited to those who are eligible for hospice and improved my understanding of early to middle stages." RN

"The spiritual connection between myself and the patient in certain ways. NCCDP gives arms and legs and words to this abstract valuable gem, so it can be verbally shared and understood." Chaplain

"I loved the analogy of instinctual self compared to dementia." Social Worker

"Provided knowledge base to educate family members in home care in reducing problem behavior of dementia patients." Social Worker

"Thank you for your power point presentation, was excellent. I learned about assessment skills to help better determine what level of care to place patients after discharge." RN Case Manager

"Really well organized." RN

"AVOW Hospice was a great facility to hold training. Notebook full of information and valuable resources. I learned how to better treat and communicate with dementia patients. I learned more about dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, signs, symptoms, medications, myths and facts." RN

"Great examples and demonstrations. I learned how to talk with our dementia patients." LMT

"I liked the use of humor. I learned about the instincts of the patients." RN

"Very interesting, great information, related directly with my job. I learned the better way to treat the patient, excellent tools to apply to my position as a CNA." CNA

" I learned about depression and sexual expressions in the elderly. I learned about assessment of pain in the elderly." Massage Therapist

"The use of sense of humor really made me focus for an 8 hour seminar." CTRS

"The range and depth of information was very impressive. The binder will be a great resource including the articles. I learned how to effectively communicate with patients with dementia. I interact with them often and increased awareness of facility concerns when I visit" CTRS

"Loved the involvement the true live situations made things easy to understand. I learned to enter their reality their world, just enjoy them." Med Tech CNA

"Seminar was very informative. I thought the speakers were wonderful and held my interest and provided pertinent information which will be very useful when providing pertinent information which will be very useful when providing PT therapy. I learned about communication skills, live their truth, creating moments of joy which I am looking forward to reading the book." Licensed Massage Therapist.

"Presenters style was great. I learned to engage the patient reality. The message was so strong with valuing and respecting the patient, a good reminder and affirming." Social Worker

"Excellent presentation. All the material was applicable to my job and as a facility social worker." Social Worker

"I was very interested in the conversation on sexual expression and intimacy. This topic is not openly addressed with strategies enough. I learned creative ways to engage a patient who have dementia." Counselor

"The Seminar was very interesting. I learned a lot at this seminar specifically how to deal with patients who have Alzheimer's disease." Nurses Aide

"All aspects were very informative. The humor used at times I liked this very much." RN

"I liked the access to resources and sexuality discussion." Chaplain

"I liked the reminiscing portion" Counselor

"I liked the practical experiences intertwine with the clinical knowledge. I learned about resources and practical knowledge to apply to community caregiver education that we provide." Geriatric Care Manager Program Specialist

"It was very interesting and helpful. Ideas on how to better understand and communicate with a dementia patient." Chaplain

"I really enjoyed both Lynn and Sandy. They made the seminar interesting, personal. I felt that I can care for the elderly , especially dementia and Alzheimer's disease with a better understanding. I learned the importance of listening. RN'

"Was a great seminar! With the amount of knowledge I will be able to provide better care to patients with dementia." Social Worker

"I was particularly impressed that the presenters were such good compliment to one another. Each has their own unique style and experiences but demonstrated a seamless presentation of the material. This was a fantastic review of forgotten information." Social Worker

"Well laid out program that provided real life examples and included standard education as well as lots of information, I learned about communication techniques and knowledge of the disease process." Social Worker

"Loved the part on reality orientation vs entering their reality. I will definitely use this in practice." Social Worker

"All of this was though provoking and interesting. I am applying to acute hospitals so this was very interesting to me. I felt affirmed on how I respond to someone with Alzheimer's or dementia. I learned how our CNA's and HHA's could use this information." Social Worker

"I learned about the review of diagnosis and identifying depression in dementia. Emphasis on caregiver behaviors. I learned about resources and available articles." RN

"Great presentation, liked personal stories and they related to the topic." RN

" I learned about good resources and Certified Dementia Practitioner." ARNP

"I learned to smile more with the patient." Nurses Aide

"Very good presentation. Excellent Speakers. I really learned a lot of things about dementia that I never knew." RN

"I learned to improve my assessment skills of the behaviors, needs of the Alzheimer's disease patient to improve patient care." RN

"Appreciated effectiveness of the presenters giving information and holding attention. Increase dedication to early and correct diagnosis." Social Worker and Activity Professional

"Great presentation. Held our interest through a long day." Social Worker

"Very interesting topic. Thank you!" LPN

"Gained knowledge. feel all health care workers should take this course." LPN

"Presentation was great. I learned some tips, tricks for interacting with a confused aggressive patient." RN

"I learned, What to instruct caregivers on, I liked the good resources and provision of handout notebook for reference." DON

"The thorough level of preparation by both of the speakers. I learned the complexity of the issues facing the dementia patient and family. Be more attentive to these needs in my own work." Counselor

"Awesome presentation. I love all of these common sense suggestions." RN

"I liked learning that it affects patients behavior by the way staff leaves at the end of the day. I will share this with the facility I have patients in. The sexual discussion was good to talk about. I wish you got into more detailed specifics, it almost needs to be a two day training. I will teach staff about why they should not use baby talk. , how they should leave a patients room at end of shift. I will address relationships with my hospice patients in facilities with Administrator DON or SW. So that no one is exploited and risks are made aware of." Social Worker

"I learned the importance of education for staff to learn how to deal with certain situations." RN

"I learned how to handle sexually inappropriate patients." RN

"Utilized a lot of humor. Approach patients differently to assess for admission to hospice. " RN

"Very good information regarding disease, disease progress. Activity information was interesting. I see how ALF / SNF do a great job and some do a horrible job. I learned different terms like Windows of Lucidity." Activity Professional

"I came away with some very good thought on communication. The importance of educating the family and friends." Social Worker

" All the information will be helpful in dealing with patient and families living with dementia."

"I learned different wording and verbiage." Gerontologist PhD Director of Education Alzheimer's Association

"I was pleased that there was information I was not aware of and all questions were answered. I will take back with me to my facility to share on how to handle and figure out what the residents with dementia need and want when they are not able to tell you. How to work with them and live the moments of joy and how to get into their world." LPN

"Excellent! Well organized, focused and full of useable information. I learned to think before I speak. Learning how my words are possibly interpreted by my patients. As well as my co workers." LPN

"Most of the seminar was a reminder for me in dealing with the disease process." RN

"Loved their humor. All 5's (excellent)!.Loved the interaction with the audience and the stories intertwine with the presentation. I really loved chapters 1 and 2." Assisted Living Administrator"

"Both presenters brought the subject matter to life via relevant examples. I learned effective interaction with persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease and how to look beyond what appears on the surface." Music Therapist

"I learned new approaches, do and don'ts, language to use. I learned about depression and assessing depression." Social Worker

"Speakers are excellent." RN

"Great! I really like everything. I learned a lot and it will really will help me at work plus I can teach my co-workers."Activity Professional

"Excellent techniques on dementia care prognosis, symptoms that will help us to provide better care to our dementia patients and serve our customer's better. Best practices and issues that ALF's and SNF's face with this patient population and a better understanding of how AVOW hospice can serve our communities and patients." Outreach Admissions Manager

"Reminders of ways to care for dementia residents and new ideas to use and put into play." Assisted Living Administrator RN

"I thought speakers were very good. After years of dementia training I learned why some people sundown and why some don't." RN

"I learned more skills and a better understanding." Chaplain

"The seminar was great. I learned a lot. I learned how to help our patients deal with death and their illness and to (work) with families as well." RN

"Overall awareness. I learned about communication." Staff

"Enjoyed the complete seminar." Social Worker

"Enjoyed the seminar very much. You were all great. I learned how to more effectively communicate with dementia patients." Volunteer Services Supervisor

"Loved Lynn's humor." RN

"All the seminar was very interesting. All the information was useful and interesting. A lot of tips and put in practice in my job. Great." Nurses Aide

"Enjoyed the complete seminar. Lynn and Sandy made it very pleasant and added special feelings to presentation. I learned different way to handle combative patients" RN

"Speakers very energetic. keep interest, great examples, included group in program. I learned interventions, medication management and will assist me greatly." RN

" It reminded me to meet the patient in their place in time, not mine. I learned places on the Internet to find information." RN

"Excellent presentation and present ors. Both speakers are passionate and knowledgeable on the topic. I learned about activities, resources, tolerance and early intervention."

"Good humor! I learned authentic self was a fabulous module." Counselor

"It opened my thinking to new ways of thinking and doing. I learned new ways to handle situations better and understanding my patients better." RN

"Excellent theory on Alzheimer's. As a Parish Nurse, I am in contact with people with early stages dementia. I also visit people who have been placed in care facilities. You reinforced my belief that the person I am visiting determines my reality. I have also found everyone I visit remembers the Lords Prayer no matter how far into the disease." RN

"Loved how you emphasised the universality of our humanity and innate superior self and our essential nature. The information helped greatly. I will use the information with my clients and potential patients." Counselor


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Portland Oregon
October 3rd 2011

"I really like that they used (trainers) their own personal stories and experiences to related. I learned how to break down and define to train." Resident Care Coordinator and CNA

"There was a lot of information but presented it wonderfully. I learned how to handle aggressive behavior and sexual behavior." Activity Professional.

"It always helps to have real stories from the front line! Hearing what others do or don't do. I had no disappointments (with the seminar). All great material, relevant, interesting. The most moving and thought provoking for me was when Sandy said, "You not leaving now, this is your home now.". I immediately became anxious and it really drove home how a resident may feel when they first arrive and thought about their dementia." Assisted Living Administrator

"Great ideas for life enrichment, enjoyed laid back style of lecturers. tons of new resources. Excited to get on the internet." Assisted Living Administrator

"Lynn was very informative and offered new information." LPN

"Enjoyed Lynn and how she related to personal stories into the session." Social Worker


Train the Trainer
September 22nd 2011
Philadelphia PA
Trainers: NCCDP Corporate Staff
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"As a Staff Development coordinator for a Long Term Care facility for 10 years, this was the most comprehensive and informative Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar I have had the pleasure of attending. The presenters provided the attendees with excellent examples and stories to help relate to the materials presented. Excellent seminar. the amount of information provided to the attendees is more than what I expected. The presenters provided multiple educational tools that will assist the attendees with educating others. The amount of information provided is to the attendees is more than I expected. The presenters provided multiple educational tools that will assist the attendees with educating others. The amount of information provided is too numerous to mention and I am sure to use this information to educate staff. This seminar has left me feeling rejuvenated and excited to share this information with others. Thank you"

Victoria Skiles RN BSN CDP Staff Development / Infection Preventions Tel Hai Nursing Center

"As the Administrator of a special care unit, I am extremely pleased with how comprehensive this training seminar is and the variety of the topics addressed. This curriculum lays a foundation for understanding the disease process and then builds upon that knowledge with practical approaches to addressing behaviors an other challenges of care giving. I specifically enjoyed the modules on spirituality and helping families. So many times, the training focuses on personal care and the negative behaviors associated with this disease. How refreshing to receive training that acknowledges the spirituality and individuality of each resident and how to help their families through the challenges."

Laura Jett BSW CDP Director of Memory Care Cypress Glen Retirement Community

" As an owner and a director of a national consulting and training business, I found that the NCCDP did a phenomenal job presenting all of the information pertaining to Alzheimer's and Dementia Care . I will be able to use this information by helping others understand Dementia and Alzheimer's disease more thoroughly and in a more standardized way. Being certified as a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT will give me credibility when I approach my clients."

Kimberly A O'Roark CTRS CDP Consultant & Speaker Recreation Through the Ages
Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Seminar
Philadelphia PA
September 22nd 2011

"This has been one of the most interesting conferences I have ever attended. You were able to keep my attention all day. I learned a lot of new resources and I will be able to incorporate into training's, activities and general meetings. I learned ways to get CNA's and nursing more involved in activities." CTRS

"I was pleased with the presenters personal stories. I learned effective Strategies for dementia and Alzheimer's residents" Assisted Living Administrator

"I loved all the presentations. I found it very informative. I learned about the different types of dementia and the behavior patterns. I also learned more about depression in the elderly." CTRS

"I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the interactive presentations. I learned new references and resources. It was useful to have so many detailed bullet points and complete listing to share with my staff." Adult Day Services Director and Social Worker

"The training and team were very well educated and very informative. I will apply this knowledge to my team." PT

"Good practical information." Social worker

"I appreciated the manner the team approached practical ways to apply the information and I also appreciated the additional tools provided on web sites, names of books to further immerse myself in resources to learn more about various topics concerning dementia. I plan on referring to the hand out manual and passing along this knowledge to may peers. I learned points that I never really took the time to think about but when I thought about it more precisely I will take time to review when I meet with residents. Ask one question at a time, use their formal name when agitated." Social Worker

"I was pleased with each presenter and they each had a unique style. Love that you said, the client "can feel your ugliness." I gained information and suggestions for developing policies."

Program Administrator


Train the Trainer
September 13 2011
Chicago IL
Trainers NCCDP Corporate Staff

"As a Director of Nursing, new to the dementia field, I found this seminar extremely useful and educational. The information I obtained, including the educational support will be an indispensable part of my facilitys staff education program. I also received valuable information to use when talking with family members and care givers of those with Alzheimer's disease."
Sarah Posey RN, CDP CDCM
Director of Nursing
Memory Lane

"As a Registered Nurse, I will use several of the wonderful educational and training resources provided today. As a Registered Nurse and Vice President of Constant Care Family Management I was particularly pleased with the focus of an individualized care approach and that the information presented was current and research based."
Jamie Lopez RN CDP
Vice President of Nursing
Constant Care Family Management

"As an administrator of a Memory Care Unit and as a health care professional, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interacting with the dementia population. Thank you for the direction! This course provided me with quality training and the tools necessary to educate both my staff and family members in the issues that present with this disease process."
Memory Lane

"As a nurse and dementia Practitioner I feel the information that was shared today will help to strengthen my ability to work with the memory impaired and their families. Although I have experience in dealing with dementia, the statement that impressed me the most at today's seminar was, 'dementia can not destroy the instinctual self'. I will carry this with me and will anticipate witnessing this in the future and will share in the excitement of the moment."
Judy Wilkins LPN CDP CDCM
Senior Living Consultant
Copeland Oaks Retirement Community

"As a Regional Health Care Coordinator, I feel this course will help me teach the staff and families components for positive outcomes. To ensure that the information obtained will be passed on to our resident's daily care.
Dana Nzerem RN CDP
Regional Health Care coordinator
Autumn Leaves Assisted Living

"As a national speaker and DON with 13 years of dementia experience this seminar was above and beyond any dementia course that I have attended. As a DON for multiple assisted living facilities I will incorporate many of the interventions, policy and procedures and staff educational tools into our facility training program."
Betsy Kurtzer LPN DON CDP CDCM
Director of Nursing / Admissions
The Independence House


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
September 13 2011
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"The information was very good and presenters great.I learned how to work, provide and give good activities to individuals with dementia / Alzheimer's. " Activity Professional

"I learned about resources online, available articles in current research and applying these to care of geriatrics in a rehab unit...esp during 1-1 visits." CTRS

"It was very well organized and very informative. Any questions unable to answer were looked up and answered before end of seminar. I learned policies need to be put into place ex locked cars in parking locks." RN

"Wonderful to include humor. thanks for that! The resources links etc were very useful." Social Worker

"Activities portion was great and very informative and resources they gave us will be great. All aspects were really well organized and stories to back up bullet points were awesome. I learned communication techniques and effective ways to enhance dementia patients life. I will definitely use the resources that were given to me. Way more helpful and informative than I expected. I did not want to leave. I wanted to know more!" Nurse's Aide

"Grateful for this educational opportunity. Excellent presentation and course materials. Specific dementia care unit regulations and so much more I learned." OT


Train the Trainer
East Windsor NJ
August 11th 2011
Trainers: NCCDP Corporate Staff
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"As a licensed professional with over 16 years of experience both personally and professionally. I have learned new information and valuable resources and ideas. I will use the vast number of resources provided to continue to enhance my knowledge and to share this information with other providers to enhance quality of life for individuals with dementia and their care partners."

Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP UMDNJ UBHC Training and Consultation Specialist

"The amount of information really was about a day and half. The presentation on behaviors and stories to drive home the topics."

Margaret Stewart BSN MSA CDP

Senior Director Health Services Clinical Programming, Erickson Living

"As a hands on health care professional (occupational and massage therapist) I found this seminar to be one of the most up to date, resource based educationally satisfying course I have taken in 25 years. The resources that were cited were excellent and will be implemented into my practice as soon as I go home."

Rebecca Lee OTR MPA LMT CDP Founder CEO Holistic Medical Messages LLC

"As the founder / CEO of NursePartners I especially appreciated the clinical examples incorporated into the core curriculum. As a very hands on operator I plan to conduct this seminar with the clinicians on our staff. Your delivery information made the content memorable. Thank you for such an informative professional and very practical seminar! I can't wait to get going".

Angela Geiger RN CDP Founder CEO NursePartners

"I have found all of it very engaging. I particularly liked the section on identification of Depression being separate from dementia. Highlighting the variety of behaviors that are maybe systematic of dementia. I learned about the issues of sexuality among dementia sufferers, teaching the range of behaviors. How to deal with inappropriate behaviors. Reinforced my experience of the connection between religion, recognition of cognition among dementia sufferers improve my effectiveness."

Rev Dr. Pastor Rosieta Burton M.A. Education MAPC, CDP

Pastor Moravian Church Union NJ Pastor for several NJ LTC facilities and adult day care centers

"As a health care careers instructor I was thoroughly excited to learn so much about the field of Alzheimer's disease and dementia from experts in this discipline. I learned many new ideas, resources, interventions and how to become a more effective teacher today."

Lynn Marie Vandenbusch RN BSN M.Ed CDP Health Care Careers Instructor LISD Tech Center, Adrian MI 49221

"As a dementia care manager with over 13 years of professional experience and a lifetime of experience in the fields of dementia and geriatrics I found the information and resources very informative. As the corporate dementia care mentor and Alzheimer's trainer I will take the information I have learned today and share it with the staff in my training classes. I will especially enjoy sharing information about new resources I learned of in today's training."

Robyn Barnes BA CDCM CDP Dementia Care Manager Chelsea Senior living

"As the program manager for memory care unit ALF, SNF and Rehab, I found the information on wandering most helpful. The suggestions made for wandering behavior checklist, conducting a wandering elopement drill was wonderful. My goal is to bring this information back to our community both to our residents and health care employees. The information provided will be of benefit to the staff from CNA's on up."

Kelly Fieldhouse CDP Program Manager Cedar Crest Erickson Living Community


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Trainers Lynn Biot Gordon LNHA CDP
East Windsor NJ
August 11 2011

"Very useful information." Activity Professional

"Was very impressed with the level of expertise and passion of the instructors. I also very much appreciated the amount of reference materials shared. Love the point made about not saying 'goodbye". LPN

"The practical and daily tips that can easily be transferred to the staff. I learned to count to 20 and wait for a response (when I ask a question), I wish it were a two day class. Truly loved the spirituality of Sandy's and Lynn's focus..the power of the human spirit (soul) . As a Montersrian We are trained to seek out touch the spirit , your program reinforces that the spirit never dies and it's our responsibility to respect that as long as their person is in our care." Activity Professional.


Train the Trainer
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 29th 2011
Phoenix AZ

"I really appreciated the role playing, the scenarios. Will help me better educate my staff. I always try to take away something, what is really focused on, what the instinct that helps me be better able to explain when staff have gut feelings since there is no medical team for that" Social Worker

"I was pleased with the many online resources to assist me. I learned about the relationship of nutrition and behaviors in dementia patients. The activity section will be implemented in our unit." RN

" Module 7 had many different activities we can try in our community. I learned how to talk and listen to my staff and residents." LPN

"This was a good location, close to the airport. Great time, kept us engaged, amazing information. Great resources that are out there, ideas and things we can take back to our 100 caregivers. VP Marketing Home Health

"Made me aware of some of the patterns, helped me understand myths and truths, talking about mind, body and spirit, religion and culture. Many of the reactions which seem natural may be wrong, I need to think before responding. slow down, practice principles and guidelines." Marketing

"Great program! All of the provided information was so beneficial." Geriatric Care Manager

"Thank you!!!" RN

"Everything was great. I don't now how you could improve this seminar." LPN


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer
June 16 2011
Richmond VA
Instructor: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC ACC-BC CDP CDCM

"Great to have resources that addresses some memory aspects of dementia care I will be able to also utilize parts of it for educational purposes for facilities that may need only one topic. As a professional presenter, continually reminding staff that dementia resident is always right and the care giver is wrong, puts compassionate aspects to caring for ever changing needs of resident with dementia."

June Harvie-McNamara BA CDP
Gentle Shepherd Hospice
Social Worker Community Liaison

"The speaker has a strong understanding and empathy and warmth towards those with dementia and helps the listener to increase their own understanding of those afflicted with the illness. This understanding will affect this participant in all aspects of dementia care. Good information was presented on wandering and elopement that increased this listeners awareness and understanding of these behaviors."

Rebecca White RN BSN CDP
Staff Development Manager
St. Leonard

"I was very pleased with the resources I received from attending the seminar, such as Wake Up" and "Creating Moments of Joy". I learned 3 steps to validation therapy and I plan to discuss scenarios I have witnessed in the past where staff did not use the method and caused a behavior."

Sharon Newton BSN RN-C CDP
ANCC Certified Gerontological Nurse
Kindred Healthcare, INC

"Very pleased with discussion of actual events, how to apply concepts to practice. I learned how to react to different behaviors, ways to communicate, methods to encourage eating, and model concepts in centers when working with staff" RN

"I learned information Re: facility based care."

Dawn L. Beninghove RN CCM CRP CDP FCN

Owner Operator Companion Extraordinaire Nursing Network Inc

"This is a great seminar, I highly recommend it to any staff who works with memory impaired individuals should attend the training seminars from NCCDP. It is very innovative"

Belinda Espejo, BE Geriatric Consulting LLC


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer
Long Beach CA June 8 2011
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon COO NCCDP
Sandra M. Stimson CEO NCCDP

"As a professional this program highlighted key aspects of dementia and provides useful tools that every provider should have. This course enhanced my communication skills when teaching and working with staff and residents."

Mary Margaret Chappell M.A. CDP Chapell Eldercare Consulting and Education

"As a consultant and trainer, I am particular about quality education! I found the seminar and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer to be engaging of my interest, well presented and comprehensive. The behavior module was especially strong. One thing I specifically enjoyed was the international dementia care examples and the encouragement to look for research and information via Internet searches in other countries.

Michele Nolta CTRS, ACC CDP, Recreation Therapy Consultants

"The instructors were clear, well organized and had great stories to share in assisting with the learning. I obtained presentation ideas that will assist me with my preperation for my training sessions that will be offered in Canada."

Karen Tyrell CDP, Personalized Dementia Solutions - www.dementiasolutions.ca


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 8th 2011
Instructors: Sandra M. Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM ACC-BC CEO NCCDP

"Thank you both for your added talent at incorporating great humor with your illustration. Excellent presentation of the current information and resources available with no disappointments. You are both highly professional role models for us. I learned about references and resources for additional state of the art information." OTR

"Not being specifically in the dementia field, I really learned a lot and plan on educating our staff. " RN

"Appreciate all the information provided. I learned about good assessments and know your people, and learned about paranoia, aggression, sexuality with the elders." Social Worker

"Both presenters are excellent and engaging speakers overall." Administrator

"Very informative, really appreciate how you keep presentation on track and schedule." RN

"Pleased with the applicable ideas and suggestions I can bring back to my residents. I can't wait to go back and re-evaluate our dementia home, re-train staff and pass on knowledge to staff." Assisted Living Administrator.


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer
May 24th 2011
Denver Colorado

"clear concise and humanistic approach to dementia care. I appreciated the spiritual aspect, often forgotten, with death and dying. As the Director of Nursing, I will apply what I have learned by training all staff at our Alzheimer's secured facility. The behavior interventions taught were very helpful."

Teri Baker, RN Director of Nursing Services Julia Temple Healthcare Center (Ensign Group)


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Seminar
May 24th 2011
Denver Colorado

"Really enjoyed all the information. May have been beneficial to make it two days." Director of Operations LPN

"I learned ways to properly assess our residents with a dementia diagnosis, forms for care plans. Thank you!" Nurse's Aide and Activity Professional.

" Lynn provided fabulous multi level information. Sandra gave great and lots of information. I am now interested in the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class. This was the best dementia training I have ever attended. Thank you so much. The information was comprehensive, and especially subjects not usually addressed, such as enviornmental issues, sexuality and intimacy, elopement was very well received by me." Assisted Living Administrator

"Need more time to present information. I learned how to keep dementia clients busy and techniques to prevent behaviors." Occupational Therapist

"Comprehensive at basic level, and I learned about interventions and aggression." Physical Therapist

" I appreciate that you verified what I already knew. There are no real magic answers in this difficult area. too much for one day. I learned about elopement policy for activities, web sites, recreation ideas. " Social Worker

"All the resources given were awesome. This will help me give my staff to give good quality care." CEO LTC Management Group

"Wonderful seminar. I loved it! Thank you." Activity Director

"The activity ideas were inspiring. Excellent ideas to support our staff in our dementia neighborhoods." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned about validation therapy, enter their world" Activity Professional


Train the Trainer
May 12th 2011
Kansas City MO
NCCDP Corporate Staff
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP
Sandra M. Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM

"The curriculum was current and professionally presented. This program was liberating" Dr. Henry S Lee PhD CDP, Executive Director, Caregiver's Resource Helpline

"As a General Manager, I was very impressed at the level of knowledge the instructors (Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class and Certified Dementia Care Manager Class) had in every aspect of dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia related disorders. Although I have worked with people with Alzheimer's disease for years, many topics were presented that have not only new but innovative for providers going forward. Currently, as I am working to help design construction as well as training and programs for a new memory care product, the recommendation to search internationally was something I had not though of. Concepts and technologies happening outside of the US will be brought into the design of our new communities specializing in memory care."

Laurie Krenke LNHA CDP CDCM, General Manager, Oxford Management Group


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Seminar
May 12th 2011
Kansas City MO
Trainers: NCCDP Corporate Staff
Sandra M. Stimson CALA ADC CDP
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"I will be using this certification to further my career" CTRS

"Personal stories good. I learned that one can not modify the behavior of a resident with dementia. It is the care giver who must modify their behaviors." Social Worker

"Got ideas for activities and better listening ideas." LPN

"One of the best presentations I have attended in a long time. Well organized and presented, Comprehensive. Don't think you know it all from your experience because there is so much to learn in this class. I learned about elopement kit, monitoring, policy and procedures for elopement." RN

"Very knowledgable speakers and positive presentation. I learned about dining, creative ideas, creating an atmosphere of intimate areas where individuals can have their own space, stations with drawers, make up desk, carpenters desk. The material will be an excellent resource for the front line staff and families."

Nursing Home Administrator and Assisted Living Administrator

"I thought the seminar was all very informative. I got more activity ideas and resources." Director of Nursing RN

"Excellent seminar." LPN

"I greatly appreciated the upbeat, informative presentation and personal stories. This seminar reinforced of my own experience and knowledge." CTRS


Train the Trainer
April 26th 2011
Omaha Nebraska

"As a trainer I learned new ideas on feeding. I learned a lot of new resources and web sites and new ideas. I learned about looking for websites outside of the US. I learned new book resources and new ideas on activities and was inspired to keep doing what I am doing." Omar Aragon Occupational Therapist CDP, Life Care Center of Omaha

"As a trainer and consultant I feel the examples and resources provided especially the web based resources will help me to provide best practices, new research to those serving resident's each day. As a trainer, I feel it was beneficial to discuss the resources outside of the U.S. The resources discussed from the U.K. and Australia provided wonderful tips. Cameo Rogers CTRS CDP CDCM, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vetter Health Services

"The program provided a wonderful overview and summary of the care that all individuals with dementia deserve. The information from the course will expand the care that will be provided in our memory support units."

Adam Lassen LPN CDP CDCM
Director and Consultant of Memory Support
Heritage Management Services
Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Seminar

"I really appreciated all the resources that you provided and shared with us. It was amazing how well the two of you switched off during the program and keep the course interesting. My brain is full! I can't wait to use this daily. and also share with family and staff. Thanks! Activity Professional

"I was really pleased with wandering and elopement interventions. I really appreciated the information on activities"
Nursing Home and Assisted Living Administrator

"enjoyed learning about feelings and how our residents with dementia hold on to feelings. I learned how to place myself in the resident's shoes. I learned how to present information to my staff at the facility, how to educate and teach dementia is it's own speciality."