2015 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Thank you for being the best part of NCCDP


I wanted to share that the feedback from DADS staff was very positive. They very much enjoyed the training. Your trainer was very professional and dynamic. Thank you for providing us this opportunity!

Michelle Dionne-Vahalik, MSN, RN
Quality Monitoring Program and Initiatives, Director
Center for Policy and Innovation
Department of Aging and Disability Services
701 West 51st Street, Mail Code W580
Austin, TX 78751

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services


Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Dads Educational Services
Surveyor / Trainers Train the Trainer CADDCT Seminar
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Wonderful disease process over view. Great help for those in the industry. Super resources, strategies, practical every day guidance for care givers."
Thank you! You were wonderful engaging and your passion is contagious. Keep it up" 
Lennie L Kirkley RN BS CDP CADDCT
Training Specialist

"Exceptional materials provided! No disappointments. New materials and numerous references that we can use in our dementia trainings."
Glenda Wall CDP CADDCT
Training Specialist, Nutritionist

"I liked the examples provided with the topics. The information on intimacy and sexuality made me more knowledgable in an area not always addressed for residents with dementia."
Training Specialist

"( I was pleased with the) Instructors vast world experience ability to relate to personal and professional examples and application of topcis presented. I learned to implement programs, strategies to design facilities to increase quality of care, life and decrease challenging behaviors."
Waiver Reviewer Trainer

"The training was absolutely great. Danielle was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a way that could be understood. I learned more about dementia and ifnormation to care for individuals in every area of their lives."
Jennifer Carrillo BSN RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse IV

"(I learned) intevention ideas, otpions to share with NF providers. The course will be used to train my quality monitoring program staff and nursing facility staff."
Jennifer Wills BSN RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse Manager
Quality Monitoring Program

"I am thrilled to have all the books to read and learn more from. I learned about specific strategies for dealing with behaviors."
Shelley Gusky RN CDP CADDCT

"Speaker very knowledgable, enjoyed the personal stories. I learned many new ideas regarding wandering, cultural issues and communciations."
Nurse Quality Consultant

"All of the information was beneficial and practical. It was great to see the person centered approach. I especially appreciated the resource page on dementia, delerium and depression."
Training Specialist

"Loved the organzation of the materials. The personal examples along with the slides and how they progressed. Wonderful resources." 
"Beverly K Briggs RN BSN CDP CADDCT
Training and Curriculum Development Specialist

"( I was pleased with) great number of interventions that could assist nursing home staff a great deal." 
Ivette Rivera Ortiz RN MEd CDP CADDCT
QMP Nurse Manager

"Very passionate, experienced and what Danielle brings (as a trainer) is very valuable. I learned about resources shared."
Lilani Muthal MD
Medical Services Coordinator

"1st day very good. I learned about the web sites."


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Durham NC
December 1st 2015
Nellie Stolarz NCCDP Vice President of Corporate Training

"The program was easy to follow. I learned better ways to educate, train and help my staff and families. I further plan to take the emergency responder course"
Sandra Griswold BA CDP CADDCT
Assisted Living Administrator
Senior Garden Place Coordinator
Carillon Assisted Living

"I really appreciated the open discussion format so that we all learned from one another what sort of unique programs experiences are going on at other facilities. As a new professional in this field, I learned mostly from my trainers personal experiences to be prepared for any and everything I will encounter." Activity Professional 

"The updated information on CTE was very helpful" Gerontologist

"The course was very interactive and I learned about activity interventions and wandering kits." Administrator

"I liked the discussion on alternative approaches to addressing behaviors. I learned to implement wandering elopement committee, policy and procedures." Social Worker

"I learned about environmental safety." PT


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Washington DC
December 11th 2015
Danielle MiCale Vice President of Corporate Training

"Information was well presented and the addition of personal aspects of care of the speaker and her grandmother was great. It solidified some of the knowledge base I had and added ideas to help improve the care of our residents."
Staff Educator
Delmar Nursing and Rehab

"Very pleased with real life experiences that were incorporated in the education. We are currently in the process of developing a resident centered dementia program. Information from this program will be used in its development."
Director of Nursing
Delmar Nursing and Rehab

"Was good information and new information." DON

"The presentation and interactive were interesting. I learned dealing and communication with dementia resident. I will educated my staff how to communicate with a dementia resident and also how to deal with residents with dementia." RN

"Was not disappointed and kept my interest. I learned how to interact to help support family with understanding dementia and tools to help with the significant other." LPN

"I learned how to teach the primary family member and to deal with the dementia individual." LPN

"The Seminar was phenomenal. Sexuality and intimacy especially. I learned the emotional part of a resident never goes away." LPN

"Glad that you touched on trauma, hoarding and other mental health issues. I learned more specifics regarding different types of dementia lots of resources too. " Counselor

"Very informative. Resident orientation ongoing training to resident extremely important. I learned the emphasis on thinking outside the box for communication. I learned lots of resources for library, recordings, etc for eldercare and dementia."  



I had the privilege to attend CDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar in DC on Friday with my Director of Nursing, April Keys.  Danielle was a phenomenal speaker!  It was such an engaging, interactive and educational time.  Kudos to you and your team for not only creating such a wonderful curriculum but also  securing such great presenters. 

April and I both left energized and wanting to do more.  How would we pursue CADDCT given we only attended the CDP portion of the seminar on Friday?

Warm regards,

Everette F. Harrison III “Chip”
Poet's Walk Memory Care Community, Executive Director 


Location: Sparta NJ
December 1st 2015
Instructor: Lynn Biot Gordon COO
CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and  Dementia Care Seminar 

Hi Lynn and Sandra-
Thank you very much for the wonderful day yesterday.  You did a really great job and I think the combination of folks present for the day was very special.  Please be so kind and also thank Yvette for me.  You were all great.  Thanks so much.
Melanie Shapiro, LCSW, ACSW
Coordinator Social Work Services
Holy Redeemer Home Care North


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training
Providence Rhode Island
November 16th 2015

"Personal and professional experiences shared in seminar was a great enrichment to the presentation. I will use to teach the seminar." Home Care CEO

"I love that the seminar includes the discussion on sexuality Definitely a section that is needed."

"I appreciate being encouraged to think without blinders. Being open to the individual needs of each patient. I will be very attentive to each patients personal story including ethnicity, religious, preferences, sexuality and habits. Additionally care givers require a listening board and evaluation of support they need."
Margaret DiPasla RN BSN CDP CADDCT

"Very informative"
Yolanda Latham BSN RN CDP CADDCT

"I enjoyed the whole day. I loved the clear and uncomplicated form of presenting materials. "
Lucia DeVivo Catalano APRN BC CDP CADDCT

"Opportunity to do certain activities with my staff co workers that would help them to create a therapeutic environment for the residents, skits and role playing for example. Understanding how much care my facility can give an when to encourage residents to move to a higher level of care where they can be cared for."
Tammy Pozerycki MA CDP CADDCT
Owner and Director
Pleasantries Adult Day and Consulting Services

"I liked learning about the web sites to ponder information and the books to help learn about Alzheimer's care. I will present some things I learned to my CNA's." RN

"I am grateful for the handout notebook." RN

"Lots of great information. I learned lots more to learn. Good reinforcement of known information." OT

"Overall excellent content." RN

"Great. Loved the idea of a yearly noise study and I will implement this." Activity Professional

"I loved any behavior modification suggestions I can get. Lots of good activity resources and behavior suggestions." Social Worker

"Overall a really good day. Lots of helpful ideas to take back to the facility. Thinking beyond daily routines, individualized care and the importance of the person , importance of staff education" Administrator

"Very pleased to hear the focus on creative problem solving and normalizing activities for clients, resources to use for training." Social Worker

"Well rounded presentation, learned allot, specifically sensory based programs." Activity Professional

"I learned allot about dementia and Alzheimer's that I didn't previously know and will research further. I learned some valuable techniques to use for activities in the future." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with the entire seminar. I learned about different web sites, books, sources, behaviors." Nurses Aide

"Enjoyed the seminar very much, wealth of information. Activities tips and ideas." Nurses Aide

"Really enjoyed the ability to hear comments and struggles of other professionals in other settings I learned dementia care is not black and white. Every patient must be approached as an individual." Physician Assistant 


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Minneapolis MN
November 20th 2015
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training

"All was very good. I need a couple of more policies to put into place"
Tina Haugstad CDP CADDCT Vice President of Nurturing Care


"Covered every topic possible. Nice Job"
Executive Director Administrator

"I learned more information about repetitive behaviors, wandering, aggressive behaviors"
Karen Steinman RN CDP CADDCT
Neighborhood Nurse

"I loved the interaction throughout the seminar. This will help me assess patients in the clinic setting by knowing more about the symptoms. Also I will utilize the screening." RN

"Speaker knowledgeable and personable. I learned that multifactual things affect behaviors, more than how to use the interventions to deescalate. If you meet someone with Alzheimer's disease you have only met one person, each person is unique, treat the whole person not the Alzheimer's disease." NP

"I learned alternative interventions, distractions to take back to educate family and caregivers. It can be difficult for family and care givers to find methods to keep their loved ones home, when they don't know what to do. These ideas are easy to make sense." RN

"Very good" Activity Professional

"Good overall knowledge, will share activity ideas with staff" RN

"Excellent" CTRS

"I was pleased with everything" CTRS

"Always great to have a speaker with so much knowledge, especially hands on or first hand knowledge. More information on activities was great." LPN

"Pleased with thorough analysis for changes and the dynamic nature of dementia. I specifically learned allot of new resources to utilize." Activity Professional

"I think Nellie had great exampled to emphasize points. It really helped to learn specific aspects of care for the resident." RN

"I liked ideas for avoiding wandering."

"If selling the dementia program, make sure our dementia program is the best it can be." Sales

"I liked the discussion of meeting the person with dementia in their reality. I liked the end of life program, good endings and this is a program our organization would like to provide."

"I learned about behaviors, communication, dementia, sexuality, wandering, books and videos. Thanks for the tips." Alzheimer's care director

"I planned to educate my community on becoming dementia friendly."


Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Advanced Sub acute and Rehabilitation Center (Private training)
NCCDP Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training
November 3rd 2015

"I was pleased with the realistic approaches and examples. I learned the importance of incorporating activities linked with support groups." Clinical Liaison

"I benefited from real life examples. Also appreciate that Nellie Stolarz slides were different than the content of the materials in the binder.  The seminar gave me lots of tips to use on a day to day basis as well as an enormous amount of information for starting up a dementia unit." Administrator

"Great ideas for activities. ( I learned) Different ways to adapt to the environment." RN Administrator

"I learned about the themed boxes for the dementia unit" Activity Professional

"I was pleased in the way Nellie broke down different scenarios, to help us better understand each subject." Activity professional

"Presenter was enthusiastic and seemed to really love her work. ( I learned) Sounds, visual stimulants and how these affect agitation." Rehab


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
November 5th 2016
Northbrook IL
NCCDP Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"The power point was well organized and had a logical flow. As I was here to learned how to present the course to become an instructor I found the manner in which presented particularly useful. As a unit manager of a memory care unit, responsible fro the training of my staff, this class was invaluable in preparing me to educate my staff."
Michael Drummond RN CDP CDCM CADDCT

"I liked the part about sensitivity training. I learned family education and providing more meetings with social service to push more education with families" Activity Professional

"I learned about additional resources to share with other staff, tips for working with families managing stress." Social Worker

"I liked about the part of the presentation dealing with cultural. I learned about different types of dementia and how to help the families and residents on how to cope with the illness." Activity Professional

"Was pleased with every topic in the seminar today, no complaints I am taking what I learned today and applying it to my everyday interactions with my elderly residents and my staff, teaching my staff. You have touched on everything and I know that any new information is to come that the NCCDP will offer that information." Nurses Aide

"I have learned allot during this seminar and I believe education to care givers, nurses, cnas especially would be very helpful in dementia care. I learned various activities that can be implemented, behavioral interventions and environmental interventions." Care Manager

"Lynn captured my interest and attention with her stories. She is so knowledgeable about the topics presented. I learned new trends to my facility." CTRS

"I learned so much information that I can apply to other aspects of LTC. Very spiritual and enjoyed. I learned how better to relate to and respond to residents and families." Administrator

"Very interesting information presented and presented very well and clearly. I learned about Alzheimer's information updates"
Phronsie Owens RNC BS CADDCT CDP

"This class really helped me get excited about my job again." LPN Homecare


Tennessee Health Care Association Conference
Nashville TN
November 06 2015
NCCDP -Danielle MiCale Vice President of Corporate Training

"Mrs. Micale was the most energetic passionate and well informed speaker I have ever had the honor of learning from. Many helpful tips, wandering, sexuality, mnemonic."  LPN

"I was pleased that Danielle was not only very knowledgeable but also compassionate. I learned to be more considerate of what I say and validate their feelings, validation is very important." Activity Professional

"I have been a nurse for 26 years and most of my work history has been in long term care, recently I lost my dad to Alzheimer's and this training has been most informative meeting I have ever attended. The speaker has been able to keep our attention to a long program although most of the information I have been educated on in part. I learned education for the families, caregivers including staff. I have been wanting to start a support group for caregivers of families at facility and feel this may give me resources to help start this." DON

"I was pleased with the simplicity and the break down of the topics. I learned about dementia and depression." Social Worker

"I was pleased with the entire class. It was very knowledgeable, enjoyed the speaker. Ways to help those with walking behaviors." Nurses Aide

"Lots of Ideas to take back." Social Worker

"I enjoyed the entire meeting." Social Worker / Administrator

"Overall excellent" Activity Professional

"I liked the human sexuality discussion. I learned about training co workers from the manual. Your passion is evident. Thank you!" Nurses Aide / Administrator

"I enjoyed it all. It will help with validation towards my next business venture." Student

"I learned I need to put policies in place at my community." Assisted Living Administrator

"Very pleased with entire seminar. Best I have ever been too. I am disappointed that all my staff members could not attend." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned much, great points, some aspects I had not thought about before." Social Worker

  "Allot of great ideas from personal experiences of the speaker." Speech Language Pathologist

"Loved the information and would prefer to spend more time overall. Communicating and behaviors and redirecting patient when behaviors arise." Activity Professional

"Danielle is very knowledgeable and I learned about various types of dementia." Administrator

"Excellent kept my attention all day. I learned there is a reason for every behavior." OT

"Seminar was very informative, lots of useful ideas and information. All behaviors are from some type of unmet need, emotions memories never go away. This will be applied to handling challenging behaviors better." Nurses Aide / Social Worker / Activity Professional

"Great information, tips in dealing with typical behaviors with the cognitive impaired individual, activity ideas for redirection and personal centered care, I learned about elopement assessment tool, sexuality and cognitive impaired individuals." Social Worker

" (I learned) New information on dementia, interventions to use for residents with behaviors." Social worker

"Very pleased in learning the signs and stages of Alzheimer's and how to deal with my very own family member that has developed this illness and the symptoms to train other family members on how to take care of them. I have learned so much in this seminar, the speaker was awesome. I am having to deal with a family member that has developed Alzheimer's by myself this is just what I needed." Restorative Aide

"I learned new ideas for behavior, redirecting and dementia ideas some ideas may not be realistic due to budgets." LPN

"I learned there are no behaviors only unmet needs and desires. I learned interventions to handle difficult residents." Administrator

"I learned real life situations. I learned about new tools to use with families." Social worker

"One of the few seminars that did not bore me, thought it was great, I learned allot of different things." Assisted Living Administrator

"Very good overview. All material was a good refresher." Activity Professional

"It was great.It was wonderful!! Very uplifting, encouraging to do the very best." Activity Professional

"I really enjoyed hearing about difficult behaviors such as aggression and sexuality and intimacy. All of the information was wonderful. Thank you. I learned about difficult behaviors, wandering, elopement, resistant to ADLS, aggression,etc. I will use some of the information to in-service my staff at my facility and use it in my every day work with residents." Activity Professional

"All was well. I specifically learned methods to use as re-directive methods for elopement." Social Worker

"I enjoyed the whole seminar, I enjoyed the be proactive instead of reactive. I am going to ask more questions on admission. I want to be proactive." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with the signs for bathrooms, will try caution tape, learning more specifics about elders on day one of admission an dhow to share it with all direct care staff members. " Activity Professional

"Everything was wonderful. I learned how to talk and communicate with Alzheimer's" Nurses Aide

"Danielle was very interesting and funny. Very objective but real. She knew first hand about Alzheimer's care. How to make life better for my residents, staff and family at our facility ( I learned)" Activity Professional

"I was pleased with all the subject matter. I learned many things to use at our facility." RN Administrator

"I appreciated the conversational style of the speaker. Telling a story and personal examples was a good method to teach this information." LPN Social Worker

"There was an abundance of resources and ideas on how to better meet the patients needs. I learned allot that I will implement into my education and care." LPN

"I like how she presented content but also brought it to a personal level. There were multiple good points during this seminar , however I will admit the point of educating the family and trying to be proactive I felt was very helpful and important." RN

"I learned about activities" Activity Professional

"Speaker used excellent examples of real life situations. Too man topics to mention. I will use to train my staff and hopefully families." RN

"The seminar was very informative" Social Worker

"The presentation was phenomenal" RN

"It was all good information to remind caregivers of what this disease does to the people."LPN

"It was a wonderful day. Thank you. I learned the 90 second rule. 90 second to process and respond. I will share this information with floor staff and families." 

"Handouts will be very helpful information and references given as well." Administrator

"Caring for the caregiver, realistic view of the stressors and issues. I learned difference between types of dementia and the ways they affect the brain" Activity Professional

"Sensitivity training was one of the aspects of the seminar I will definitely use. Very interested in different kinds of dementia" Administrator

"I really enjoyed the stories that was told between the topics which made it more relatable. I learned how to become a dementia trainer" DON Administrator

"loved it and very informative" RN

"She kept my attention and was amazing!!!! No matter what people are going through, they never loose emotional responses." Activity Professional

"I liked that personal stories incorporated with the lecture. I learned new approaches and ideas how to handle dementia and Alzheimer's patients.


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
November 19th 2015
Burbank CA
Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"Everything is well organized and easy to understand. I like the updated information on dementia treatment"

"I found the entire program pleasing and informative. I especially liked the chapter discussion on meds and will use the information to train CNA's" In Home Care Owner Director

"Great information on new ways to engage residents. Great conversations especially sexuality and spirituality. Wandering committee guidelines, kit, the plans were terrific suggestions." Assisted Living Administrator

"Very informative. I learned about dementia practices, activities, behavior issues." LPN

"Very informative. I need to do more research for activities." Social Worker

"I loved the materials and the extra links and information. I would like more about LGBT and QIA and how to effect the upcoming generations in facilities." Geriatric Care Manager

"New ideas to improve my job in helping my client like, activities. Tons of ideas to mention. Grateful" Nurses Aide

"I learned about a spiritual assessment and I will implement this at our facility." Social Worker

"Learned lots of information on where to go regarding dementia." Social Worker


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
October 29th 2015
Orlando Florida
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training

"The amount of quality knowledge available in a short period of time. I learned about dementia activity planning, reevaluate meds, noise study, in-services for all staff, update the mental status exam." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with straight up concepts, strategies to care for AD Patients. Excellent information. Strategies to better manager care for AD patients."

"I will talk to my group about sensitivity to the challenges that people with Alzheimer's dementia have." RN

"I have learned so many things from this seminar, listening o our residents caring for our dementia patients, learned so many different aspects of dementia. Support information for family members. IN corpora ting prayer at meal times, Google earth and ocean projects way to redirect- talk about old times with our residents to keep our residents involved." Nurses Aide

"Loved the energy of the speaker, personal stories and experiences shared. the notebook is full of resources and can't wait to review it. To much to list (on what I learned).  RN

"Over all great presentation, sexuality received further education on subject that is very rarely discussed." Assisted Living Administrator

"Very informative" Assisted Living Administrator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
October 10 2015
San Francisco CA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP of Corporate Training

"Sexuality section pleased me. I appreciated the candor with which she presented this materials."
Rev. Mark A. Lodico PhD, CDP CADDCT
Vitos Healthcare

"Very organized, well prepared speaker. Enjoyed the enthusiasm and sharing of personal stories. I learned allot about sexuality. Good reminders about culture."   
Wellness and Fitness Nurse
OPICA Adult Day Program and Counseling Center

"I loved the way she (Danielle) used examples and stories to interrelate the information." Dietitian

"The passion that Danielle has for what she does! I learned to many things to mention. I will use many things in my work with what you have taught me." Manager

" I learned lots lots lots of evidence based real world advice, interventions all good wonderful. I liked the hands on advice for care givers I work with. Thank you Thank you! I should have taken this class years ago. I don't know everything after all." Social Worker

"The chapter on sexuality over whelmed me. End of life care issues and its relevance to the Asian culture." Care Giver

"I learned so much about sexuality and intimacy in dementia. Just learning more on each topic discussed. I believe this would help me more educate my staff and family. Enhanced or more time for this topic about sexuality and intimacy because it seems like this is a very sensitive subject that is often ignored."

"I loved the personal stories and examples. I learned that the person with dementia, even though he /she can't express what is going on, they feel things and still have problems solving skills." RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
September 22nd 2015
Detroit Michigan
NCCDP Instructor: Nellie Stolarz Vice President Corporate Training

"I appreciated the blend of conversation with slide presentation.I learned about the wealth of information and resources on the web site. It is fabulous to have so much available on the website with no real need to piece meal from other sources. Thank you"
Leigh Elliott CDP CADDCT
Team Elliott Education LLC

"Nellie was well prepared and very informative. Represents company well. I learned content,marketing, social networking and the value of the CADDCT.

"I was pleased with the in the in-depth information given in each chapter. The program information about activities, I am a caregiver and will incorporate these activities in my mother's daily."
Yolanda L Thompson BA FIE CDP CADDCT

"I enjoyed the seminar as a whole. The instructor was well versed and recommendations were wonderful. I learned everything I needed to know about the seminar. I feel confident in being able to present to anybody, any where."  
Lisa Thompson BSW CDP CADDCT

"All was good and learned a great deal about environment and activities." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned bringing patient back to reality is not the most effective way to deal with a confused situation." RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
September 17th 2015
Monroe NJ
NCCDP Instructor: Danielle Micale Vice President Corporate Training

"I have taken the CDP seminar before and this trainer was exceptional. Very Knowledgeable, personable and organized. She covered very effectively each chapter as well as direct care approaches in a way that was unique and effective. Instructor was extremely helpful in her instruction and as a trainer. Great!
Regional Director of Resident Programs
Commonwealth Assisted Living

"Real life experiences really allowed me to relate to the content and remember how to apply the information. The sexuality content is not offered enough so I found this very helpful. and beneficial about dealing with behaviors."
Palliative Care Manager
Agrace Hospice and Palliative Care

"Particularly thorough. I learned about a wide range of issues relating specifically to US dementia care which was precisely my reasons for attending. The assistance with the marketing aspect was particularly useful. I also feel that the range of information will allow me to work within my local community with families as well as institutions."
Thomas Sellwood CDP CADDCT
Managing Director
Vie Group

"Great real examples of real residents and staff. Visual cues very good and list of resources." CTRS

"The little things that are so big, make the shower rooms feel like home celebrate a life, picture on the bed it is truly a team approach and we need to practice this on all units not just a dementia unit." CTRS

"Pleased with behavior part. " LPN

"I learned how to deal with specific behaviors and how to interact in a better way." Activity Professional

"Information on different studies and resources material very helpful. I learned about red plates at meal times, information on depression, conduct noise studies, white bread should not be used, eliminate ball toss." Administrator

"I learned so much more about the disease and how to effectively card for those clients. I received great training and that I can share this with my staff." RN

"I was pleased by the entire seminar but especially with learning to intervene with certain behaviors such as wandering. I learned how to manage certain behaviors how to work with dementia in a more educated way, how to go back to my facility and educate my staff on increased sensitivity." Activity Professional

"I loved the personal stories Danielle spoke about. all the information was helpful and applicable." Activity Professional

"I learned how the brain functions with dementia and own to deal with the illness by recognizing that each individual living with the illness is different an dhow to manage and understand every aspect of the disease." LPN

"All the topics are very educational and mind broading." Nurses Aide


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
September 15th 2015
Philadelphia PA
NCCDP Instructor: Nellie Stolarz Vice President Corporate Training

"Nellie was very informative and helpful. I learned about how to obtain CEU's, how to keep the class moving, certifications, etc."
Personal Care Community Life
Mennonite Home Lancaster PA

"Found all the information to be relatable, informative. This was the second time I attended the class, wonderful refresher. I learned about intimacy and spiritual wonder of information." 
Elizabeth Plozner BS CdP CADDCT
Executive Director
Juniper Village at Brookline Wellspring Memory Care

"Nellie was very passionate about this topic. She is very energetic and dynamic and can really capture our attention. Really learned allot about spiritual care and end of life issues. Also sexuality. Will take back this information / training to my agency and train my staff."
Christina Boecher MS Ed CDP CADDCT
Director of Professional Development and Quality Management

"Presenter passionate. provided useful web sites." Nursing Home Employee

"There was many personal experiences being shared. Religion is a must no matter what ( I learned) I will start saying non denomination prayers before dinner" CTRS

"I learned about communication techniques and activities." Social Worker

"I learned about cultural issues ands activities to do with clients" Psychologist

"I was pleased with the content of the class and with the personal input by the trainer. I learned about my part I play in this role" CTRS

"Speaker enthusiasm and audience participation ( I Liked.) I liked the multiple resource available to me such as books, websites etc." CTRS

"Nellie was great!"

"Programming and activity planning was best part of the seminar for me. I learned how to plan activity calendars for seniors with Alzheimer's differently from the regular calendars." Activity Professional

"It was a very interesting seminar." CNA

"Pleased with the seminar presented and the binder. I will apply this information to our health care model, making it required training." DON
"I actually agree with just about everything was taught and wish that more people had the passion that Nellie has for her job and life." CTRS

"Lots of great resources" Activity Professional

"This is the second time I have gone through this training. Nellie is an excellent presenter and I learned so much more this time. Just excellent. Her passion makes her an excellent teacher. I learned about family support, elder sexuality, spiritual diversity and cultural. " CTRS

"Excellent materials richly and clearly presented." Activity Professional

"Thank you Nellie so much!" 

"The seminar was very interesting. I learned that someone with dementia is in there and own world an you must enter their world not them in your world." 

"I was pleased by the whole seminar. The dying process I will make more effort to meet the spiritual needs of my residents." Memory Care Coordinator  


Beacon Institute LifeSpan
Cumberland MD
September 3rd and 4th 2015
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon COO

"As a corporate health care educator I plan to use this curriculum to train new team members and to enhance my dementia skills in my education." Dementia Unit Manager

"As a rehab consultant and clinical specialist the seminar provided me with information to better understand and care for he dementia population'" Physical Therapist

"Speaker was dynamic and engaging. Tweaked my previous knowledge will present to my facility. good ideas to use with difficult residents." RN 

"Very plesent teacher, presented the class very well and kept it interesting. Knowledge on how important culture plays a role and religion." Assisted Living Administrator

"Excellent seminar, outstanding presentation. I learned specifically about approaches , techniques, activity advances, dietary and food presentation." Nursing Home Administrator

"I was pleased with the information on Alzheimer's disease. This will help with fiancés with the new profit organizations." Activity Professional

"Loved the international pieces and information about progression in other countries. The resources that are available and places I can go to get more information for families and caregivers." CTRS

"I liked the activity section-it gave me ideas to bring back to my facility for our activity program. We need to use approaches that are non medicating to help with agitation anger frustration, depression etc. I will try to introduce new activities such as music to help with these issues." Cars

"Enjoyed the stories and examples. I learned about interventions to use with specific behaviors, improved communication skills." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned about he different stages of Alzheimer's dementia." RN

"I enjoyed the seminar. Lynn was amazing, funny and very informative." RN

"Enjoyed instructor thoroughly and was prepared, enthusiastic, engaging. Some of the seminars content to be used to guide my choose of classes while I finish my education." Nurses Aide

"The speaker was great at keeping my attention. Her presentation was very engaging. It was very informative. I learned allot and it gave me new ideas to apply to my residents." Activity Professional

"Useful information for my roles as a unit manager on a behavioral health unit. Will be educating staff on dementia. : RN

"Great engaging presentation, speaker interesting, pertinent topics, I learned about different types o dementia, methods of communication." RD

"As a Director of nursing plan to use this curriculum to advance the knowledge of my staff and to provide superior care to our residents. DON


Beacon Institute  LifeSpan Network Conference
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
August 13th and 14th 2015 
Columbia MD
Instructor: Nellie Stolarz Vice President Corporate Training

"Pleased with the materials taught and information given explaining resources. Excellent information how to support families, care givers, specific tools and programs given." Corporate VP Dementia Programs. 

"( I liked the) links and information to continue my education. I received the curriculum and support to train staff."
Lorelei Pratt CDP CADDCT

"sharing, goals books, program networking with others ( I was pleased with).  
Diane Gallinger CDP CADDCT

"Good refresher course. Best part for me is the networking and sharing stories I learned about overall managing the care of an Alzheimer's patient" Administrator
Tammy Hardy Fauber CDP CADDCT

"Helpful presentation, a lot of thorough information" CTRS

"Excellent references, materials well organized. Really appreciated the links to information I can use for my staff education and to share with others."
Maria Wellisch CDP CADDCT

"Nellie had a dynamic personality, open to ideas and her explanations were great. I learned to listen, process, guide with open mind to learn. To stay focused and upbeat with challenging participants."
Assisted Living Administrator

"I do like there are many good resources available and listed." RN

"resources are extremely helpful" Administrator

"no disappointments. very knowledgeable and offered good suggestions for community teachings. Obtained excellent suggestions on caring for Alzheimer's residents. I will use these in my seminars." RN

 "Books and resource materials I was pleased with."LPN Assisted Living Administrator

 "Presenter has a great and pertinent background in the industry great first hand knowledge. I learned allot about dementia and want to take this information back to my company and ensure that all my staff are able to care for the baby boomer who suffer from these illnesses." Nursing Home Administrator

"It was real life instruction, but it was also a sharing experience. The instructor let people share openly and was well received. An abundance of resources were given. The amount of knowledge to be learned is endless and exciting. " Activity Professional

"Training experience and her ability to give personal examples ( I was pleased with)." Assisted Living Administrator

"I learned clarity of organization of material by speaker and presented in an organized binder. Thank you very thorough. I learned about new interventions to try and new resources to explore and great information presented." Music Therapist

"I learned about resources and activities" Assisted Living Administrator

"I learned so much about the environment should be arranged. I learned that balloon toss and ball toss is one of the germiest activities. I also learned more activities I can bring to the table" Activity Professional

"Good refresher" Administrator

"This was very informative. I am going to make sure this information is shared with my staff. I learned allot more about activities side. It is so important to engage with the residents to ensure it meets their cognitive needs. We were given allot of information regarding websites on dementia. Nellie was very knowledgeable about all aspects of dementia" RN

"Some great resources, links and publications for training" RN

"I was pleased with the informational binder. I learned about various web sites that have materials that can catapult your program into workable solutions to identify stumbling blocks." Activity Professional

"Really liked the different resources given. Only been in the field a short time, so this was very informational." Activity Professional

"(I was pleased with) sexuality and comments on other patients in different facilities was very interesting. The seminar was interesting. How to interact with dementia patients, engage them in activities, calm their behaviors will be applied and practiced in my facility." RN

"There were ideas that came up in the class that will encourage me to go back and review some of our facility policies, such as the elopement policy when residents are our of the facility and assessing spirituality will definitely be reviewed." RN

"I learned about patient dignity and sexuality." RN

"Information was informative, good sharing with other attendees. As a dementia instructor, homework assignments to take back to my community." LPN

"I learned about topic on sexuality. I learned to take my blinders off and to be open minded. I will present this information to staff and implement in my daily routine." LPN

"Diverse topics! I enjoyed the review and the new ideas I learned. Spiritual assessment a great idea."" Social Worker

"I was pleased with Nellie and she was very appropriate and spoke about issues that we don't speak about at work. I learned that most things are changing and we in the professional need to embrace the changes and welcome changes." Activity Professional 

"Acknowledgement and understanding of dementia participant, work with their plan for success." Activity Professional

"I plan to attend the trainer program in order to help train other providers and caregivers. Learned about programs in other countries." Administrator

"I learned how to better communicate, the need to change some activities" Adult Day Care Director

"Many examples came from the speakers real experiences. She is genuine to share personal experiences related to the topic. I learned bout person centered care." QA Specialist

"I liked the aspects of spirituality the most. I learned how to do activities. I needed new ideas." RN

"I learned about different activities that can be completed during day with residents" Social Worker

"Great information" Activity Professional

"I learned about resources and assessment tools" Memory Care Administrator

"It was very helpful to learn about the more clinical side of Alzheimer's Disease since I have not learned about all the little details I learned about different kinds of dementia that I didn't know about." Activity Professional

"I loved all of the ideas that were thrown out. I learned about tithe various types of dementia and Pseudo dementia." Activity Professional

"Found it all interesting. I will take back ideas and concerns I learned" CTRS

"Very informative" Activity Professional

"Really enjoyed the sexuality conversation as our community has recently faced issues with this. We are building a dementia unit. The environmental considerations I will take back to our building team and discuss." Administrator

"Even though the seminar was long covering all the aspects of dementia, at one time was great. I like that I got a binder of the class. Lots of great tips and resources." Activity Professional

"Appreciated the talk and education on sexuality." CTRS

"I liked the interactive class room, dementia updates information along with solutions of instructions and the audience I learned about spiritual assessments, different types of MME"s, new resources, creating moments of joy, the last taboo." RN

"Really liked the teacher thought she did a good job and was very encouraging to share stories


Hi Sandra,
I first wanted to tell you how wonderful the training with Nellie (Stolarz NCCDP VP of Corporate Training) was last week! Our staff truly appreciated and enjoyed the training and look forward to applying what we learned in our social work and nursing practice.Take care and thanks again for a fantastic training!  (Training was CADDCT Certified Trainer seminar and Alzheimer's disease and Dementia care Seminar)

Gail Belfer, MSW, LCSW
Director, Senior Services
Jewish Family & Children's Service


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Private Training: Samost Jewish Family and Children's Services
August 5th 2015
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training
New Jersey

"Some  new resources (such as website, books) to help with work in the dementia field. The presenter was fantastic and held our attention. I learned new techniques and resources to use when working with dementia caregivers', as well as those with dementia." 
Associate Director of Senior Service

"Dealing with aggressive behaviors, sexuality and pain management, creating moments of joy and other books are excellent resources. Addressing aggressive behaviors with home care staff, additional tools and activities to assist caregivers to occupy the dementia patients."
Director Senior Service Department

"I thought Nellie was outstanding, engaging and brought this training to life. I learned about Paranoia, how to engage the client while care giving, elopement and wandering."
Patient Partners Coordinator

"Presenters ability to adapt information to our needs. I learned about evaluation tools." RN

"( I was pleased with the information) Senior sexuality, our aides often have uncomfortable situations occur. Listening skills, dignity, reminders, adult briefs vs. diapers. Good referrals to various links to research new training topics, wandering tips, non drug interventions, redirecting, home depot aprons with items to sort." Home Care Coordinator

"Speaker really knowledgeable and interesting. Would have liked more time on dealing with specific problems. I will definitely look at the numerous resources given." Social Worker

" (I learned about) doing spiritual assessments are really important." Student

"Energetic presenter! I learned about activities to implement into person's with dementia daily life." Social Worker

"Speaker was excellent, had a great deal of knowledge about dementia and Alzheimer's" Social Worker.



CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
LaGuardia NY
July 14th 2015
NCCDP Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"The shared stories and practical examples helped keep it interesting and interactive. As an Executive Assistant of Program Development and Training. I plan to share this knowledge of dementia with Spring Hills frontline associates and managers to ensure staff is continually educated on best practices and quality dementia care."
Rachel Helfand CDP CADDCT
Executive Assistant of Program Development and Training
Spring Hills Senior Communities

"Lynn was very animated and knowledgeable. Great ability to engage the audience in the class. I have taken the CDP class two other times with different trainers. Lynn was by far the best. Even with all my experience working with the elders with dementia, I still learned more today. As the Program Director for our assisted living an and dementia care residents, the knowledge and training I received today by attending this program will provide me the ability skills tools to train my staff in this curriculum and support them in a better understanding and sensitivity toward our residents I look forward to working in collaboration with NCCDP"
Denise Julian CDP CADDCT

"Lynn is very engaging and informative. Exceptional seminar. As a facility educator, it will allow me to focus on patient centered care at my two dementia certified units." 
Cheryl Williams CDP CADDCT

"Interesting recreational ideas for the different stages of impairment. Excellent information on trends in LTC out of the USA. Several good resources given to look up and view. Many training opportunities that I was not aware of and the future needs of the senior population." Social Worker

"Section on sexuality and Intimacy. Learned techniques for managing exit fleeing behaviors . And how to speak with families regarding resident issues." Social Worker

"Therapeutic recreation was very interesting. The staff and family support spiritual care issues." CTRS

"Solid tips to enhance resident / patients lives." LPN

"Speaker was very engaged which made the lecture enjoyable. Some great activity advice programming ideas and a more in depth understanding of Dementia." Assisted Living Administrator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
July 17th 2015
Albany NY
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"(I was pleased with) The lay out of the presentation and modules, interaction presenter with group, ability of the presenter to engage the group with realistic examples. The importance of CNA's being involved in activities, engagement on memory units."  

"I loved Nellie's personal stories. This is how people learn best! Wonderful flow of conversation. I am so excited to teach this seminar to my system. I think the new modules I don't currently cover will be so well received"
Debi Buzanowski MA CDP CADDCT

"Well done! Some extra do's and don'ts and strategy and I need to upgrade policies on wandering." Assisted Living Administrator

"Nellie was great she went into great detail and gave good understanding. I learned that are more resources to help benefit my department."
Activity Professional

"Really enjoyed, I I've worked with patients with dementia for 25 years and I still learned allot. I liked the personal stories by the speaker and other attendees are so helpful." Memory Care Director

"I was excited about the whole day as Nellie gets it and knows first hand the field and the issues that are faced. Nellie had lots of great web sites and program ideas that I can give to families." Social Worker.

"I enjoyed the stories Nellie told to help us. The policies and help understanding aspects of dementia. I am starting my career in Alzheimer's and Dementia and this offered a wide array of ideas I can use, dementia, sexuality is very important." CTRS

"Pleased with sexuality of elders which is an area most often covered in detail in dementia seminars. Good list of resources for improving quality of life for residents with dementia."  Director of TR


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Pittsburgh PA
July 10th 2015
NCCDP Corporate Training: Danielle Micale VP of Corporate Training

"All was informative and positive reinforcement. I learned allot from chapter 5 and 10. More awareness"
G.Stephen Flora LPN CDP CADDCT
Resident Wellness Nurse

"Instructor very engaging. Information was well organized and extremely informative. (I learned) To provide training to employees of all disciplines, RN's, LPN's, MSW, Care givers, families, how to communicate with individuals with Alzheimer's disease."
Director of Education
The Medical Team

"(I learned) the importance of educating families as well as staff, current research and resources. Very engaging presenter. Great information in covering diversity with staff as this is not always covered. Sensor rooms benefits. Environmental influences, bathing, dining. Ways to feed residents who may not sit for a meal, finger foods while they walk. Great tips for us as presenters."
Loss Control Consultant
HM Insurance Group

"it was good, informational." CRNP

"( I learned) Openness about alternatives. How to approach hallucinations dress code and sex" Activity Professional

"I was pleased with the examples, the passion and the information that was provided. I learned different stages of dementia and how to use communicational skills effectively." Social Worker

"Knowledge and passion of subject matters of speaker (Danielle) kept it interesting and informative. Learned of new resources, web sites to use as tools in providing activity connections with persons with diagnosis of dementia. Loved tips on how to improve qualify of care with dining , bathing and activity tips, administration." CTRS

"Passionate and experienced presenter. Focus on caregivers stress and use of elopement kits (I learned). Vice President

"No disappointing aspects, I learned everything in general." LPN

"I was very pleased with the seminar. You can always learn new stuff. I learned to have realistic goals and expectations." LPN   


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
July 10th 2015
NCCDP Instructor: Sandra Stimson CEO

"Most impressive with the depth and breath of the training. All participants questions were answered with thoughtful creative responses. Handouts and literature was abundant and clear. The material will be used continuously"

"Sandra Stimson presentation was great, the stories and examples made the day go by and was very informational. I learned to keep on track, keep group involved Sandra kept the class involved, her energy was great.. I hope to be able to engage my class the way she did."
Margaret Brown LPN CAC CAed CDP CADDCT

"Excellent. I learned to many things to describe" Activity Professional

"I enjoyed the entire seminar, very enlightening and entertaining, Sandra did a fantastic job." Activity Professional

"I enjoyed the stories that related to the topics, helpful and relevant, great resources given, lots of new sites , great class, Thank  you!!" Consultant

"I learned a lot coming from home care regarding wandering and policy, plan to implement the wandering information sheet." Administrator

"Very informative training taught with allot of passion and energy. I am impressed with the amount of information provided and available. I will properly be able to train my staff and hope that they are able to improve their care giving skills with our clients. I want them to understand the disease process and have the self motivation and care patience to provide the best care" DON

"I like the business approach that is a reminder our people are customers. All was helpful, some was new and appreciated." Administrator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 12th 2015
San Diego CA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon COO

"I learned the reasoning behind behaviors which will bring compassion. I will now have the ability to pass on this knowledge and create more compassionate and educated care givers."   

"Lots of detailed information that was well presented and will be really useful for presenting to the front line staff. As a health care administrator and educator, the information is well organized and comprehensive and will enable me to present the information in a clear and concise manner."
Brent Pichler CDP CADDCT

"I enjoyed listening to Lynn and hearing about her past experiences. I learner dhow to educated my staff through the topics in a more focused specific techniques"
Melissa Quaranto LPN GC ALN -C CDP CADDCT

"I found the section pertaining to activities most appealing. Partly because it is my belief that having a enriching program that touches every resident no matter where they are in the cognition and abilities. The information and training I learned will be used to trading all my employees on an ongoing basis. Looking to expand that training for the company but also to help educate the communities." Assisted Living Administrator
Julie Peterson CDP CADDCT

"Great examples which was helpful to relate to my own experiences and to understand topics better. Everyone has a different diagnosis that treat individually, but most spirit of them is the most valuable." PT 

"all aspects where well explained. To be better with the elderly."

I enjoyed it very much and not much to comment on was one of the best seminars I have been to! I loved the spiritual piece Lynn spoke about we often focus on the clinical. This piece was always left out. " Memory Care Director

"Lynn was a wonderful speaker. very knowledgeable. I will take my new knowledge and help myself and caregivers really focus on certain things." Assisted Living Administrator

"I enjoyed learning new information that I can use in my job. I learned new techniques to help my staff and residents." Nurses Aide

"Quite thorough and very inspiring. I learned the importance of educating my staff." Activity Professional

"The entire presentation was very helpful. I am excited about returning to work. Increased my activity calendar with a vault of new ideas. Presenter was awesome." Activity Professional

"Beautiful venue. I liked the binder and resources. thank you! I am inspired to continue on and take the trainer cause. It's like going from grapes to raisins. Evidence based resources can be used with the staff we work with. We are free to use them which is great. A calm peaceful non distracted approach is best when working with individuals with dementia. I learned that I want to work with people with dementia. I am not fearful anymore. I loved the spiritual component of this program and it is important. Thank you for sharing family stories they were beautiful." LPN

"The presenter was knowledgeable and passionate about dementia care which was engaging. The facility I work at has not been remodeled in 20 years and I would like to incorporate appropriate environmental changes to dementia care." DON

"I learned great deal in a short period of time. The one most important is to think outside of the box that there are many ways of interventions especially non drug interventions, smiles, hugs, positive praise etc." Social Worker 


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certifies Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease dementia Care Seminar
Atlanta GA
June 6 2015
NCCDP Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon COO

"Glad there is a discussion on sexuality and intimacy. Would like more discussion of the interventions used to address behaviors. As an independent consultant I plan to share this knowledge with individuals and organizations in hopes to better care for our dementia patients"

"Exposure and in-depth information on sexuality. As a CTRS and Memory Care Alzheimer's Program Manager, the program I will be able to provide staff on the path to CDP will be most beneficial to our residents and the care they receive."
Kelly Garthwaite CTRS CDP CADDCT

"The information was presented in a very professional manner. As a nurse and administrator in LTC facility I am pleased with the content and facts in the training. Was very informational and simple to understand. It covers all the details of a disease that is sometimes confusing to present."

"Enjoyed hearing the stories about patients." RN

"Seminar was presented in a very passionate manner ands speaks to the reality of what we truly deal with and see as we take care of our patients, residents with dementia. I learned allot of things to bring back to train my staff first before reaching out to others. The seminar covered allot of topics that will equip me to share the knowledge more meaningfully. The seminar was well presented and I am so glad I decided to be a part of it. Thank you Lynn! "
DON Administrator

"Although I really enjoyed all the modules, chapter 3 on depression really speaks my interest. I learned several best practices techniques that can be applied to my clients with dementia. I specifically learned about various topics including activities, depression, communication and presentation. I can teach my home care staff best practices." Director of Operations / Owner  

"It applies to me at my job as training employees." RN DON

"I was impressed with the knowledge of the speaker. Communicating with dementia." DON

"Time just flew by, great content, very relevant. Great information to train CNA's and PCA"s in care giving techniques." Administrator

"I liked it all. I learned about sexuality and that we are spiritual beings." RN

"I didnt think I would learn so many new things related to dementia. I learned to involve the family more. Provide more training to my staff" RN DON

"I learned how hard it is to recognize true dementia of difference between depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Learned that dementia is a group of diagnosis, validation is important.' RN


Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 15th 2015
Dallas Texas
NCCDP Trainer: Danielle Micale Vice President of Corporate Training

"I was very impressed with the complete seminar and Daniele's knowledge base of information. I am walking away today with much more knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer's disease audits to process that I plan to incorporate having for my staff."
Christy Hoffman LPN CDP CADDCT
VanBuren Health and Rehabilitation

"Lots of information tools I have a mother in law law with dementia that I will go back and do more research"
KB Enterprises

"Very impressed with the various nuances of dementia and basic foundation pieces were presented in a manner that spoke well of the experience. This will be applied directly to LTC staff trainings. Learned excellent techniques to modify environment."
Beverly unter MA CDP CADDCT
Clinical Provider Trainer

"Better understanding on how to use and understand non verbal communication. Aids to prevent wandering in the home health environment. Education to provide to caregivers to better understand how Alzheimer's effects the human brain."
Alternate Administrator
Kihsman Home Health Care
Long View TX

"The information was very informative and increased my confidence in order to train others on dementia. I learned more on sexuality in pertaining to dementia which will be helpful working in our communities."
Bailie Tinney OTR CDP CADDCT]
Regional Director of Staff Development and Programming
Touchstone Communities

"Very happy with the information about how to present his as an individual class vs. a facility or seminar. This added to my knowledge of the disease as far as studies and how to impart that knowledge to students. I also am excited to present to my families, especially the sexuality portion of the class."
Activity Director
Day Spring Assisted Living

"I enjoyed the entire presentation.Danielle is very passionate about Alzheimer's disease and dementia. She did a great job presenting the information. I learned too much to list. I've been through lots of trainings and this was by far the very very best." 
Executive Director
Day Spring Senior Living

"Danielle is extremely educated and knowledgeable on this topic. She was fascinating to listen to! I would come back to listen to her in a heart beat! Resources and so much education to teach and share with families." Social Worker

"This was excellent program and I would highly recommend it. I learned that dementia and sun downing points. I learned allot about doing more thorough assessment regarding speech, gestures and things that anger the patient and what soothes them." RN Hospice Don Administrator

"Excellent!" Psychologist

"Loved the handouts and great information on better assessing and individualized care plans for hospice families patients with Alzheimer's. Will use the training in working and interacting with my families. Handouts and articles for families are wonderful." Social Worker

"Excellent presentation. The beginning of being able to more adequately educate my staff, families and patients. Great resources." DON RN  


Dear Nellie,
Thank you for taking time to come to Richmond to facilitate the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar on Monday. Your enthusiasm and energy toward this topic was well received by the full audience. I look forward to sending additional staff to your future workshops and seeing the results from the training with my staff this week. Again, thank you for your time and for your enthusiasm in your subject.
Thank you,
Clarence Henry Hinnant IV, LNHA MBA
Executive Director 
The Crossings at Ironbridge

Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 15th 2014
Richmond VA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training

"( I learned) activities and handling the family." LPN

"Hospice care pleased me. I learned how to better assist my residents and activity ideas." Nurse's Aide

"How to deal with specific situations." Activity Professional

"Very happy with the resources that were made known to be able to use. I learned more activity ideas, books ,education of certain Alzheimer's issues." LPN

"I really felt Nellie did a wonderful job and made the information current and able to use when I work." LPN

"I learned about new resources" Assisted Living Administrator

"The speaker shared personal experiences to clearly demonstrate her point on all aspects of the program and was very effective." RN

"Knowledge is key. Thank you!!!" Assisted Living Administrator

"Learning the sexuality part interested me the most."

"Relatively new to the industry. Wonderfully and informative. I learned new ways to incorporate standard activities to enhance a resident's day." Activity Professional

"I learned many new resources that I can tap into , good tips for redirecting and activity ideas." Assisted Living Administrator

"I am going to try to apply everything I learned today." LPN

"All the information I learned about these diseases pleased me. Nellie was an amazing speaker." Marketing

I learned about activities, programs, personalized approaches." Assisted Living Administrator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 11th 205
Columbus Ohio
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training

"The enviornmental changes to make in assisted / memory care units will be useful in my practice. Chapter one was very informative and broke down level of dementia's well.
Donna MacDonald MA CDP CADDCT
Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

"Nellie was very engaged and easy to relate to. She was great at telling stories which helped connect the content to the audience. (I learned) Tips for presenting the materials. Nellie did a nice job helping us s trainers learn from her experiences and set us off on the right foot to be successful in teaching the materials."
Millers Health Systems 

"I thought presentation was excellent. Very easy to follow. I will educate staff and community with information I received here."
Jessica Lewandwski LPN CDP CADDCT CDCM
Altenheim Senior Living Center
Memory Care Unit Manager 

"It was very personal and not so clinical (dry). Gave me a new perspective on things I knew."
Barbara Carver RN CDP CADDCT
Kindred Indian Creek
SDC Staff Development Coordinator

"There were wonderful suggestions on cutting down noise factor in the nursing homes. These are real problems. Also appreciated the reinforcement of things I am already doing in hospice." Social Worker

"Calendar of events good. (I learned) how to do a better assessment and ask better questions. The different types of dementia and other DX. Liked some of the activities on your examples calendar." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with the seminar. Kept my interest, made good points." LPN

"great identified resources for ongoing program and educational development." RN

"Appreciated additional tips to deal with behaviors books, web sites and appreciated the stories. Will deal with additional ideas for dealing with challenging behaviors and utilize in my facility." RN

"Trainer was very engaging. Passionate about information. Incorporate training program for home health aides' on effective interactive with dementia clients"  RN

"Appreciate the information on intimacy. Has not yet been an issue but surely will be one day. I  can sheared information before we have to have to face it ill prepared. Sharing the end of life information at admission time wow rethinking this was an opportunity to talk about the progression and offer choices before the need for it actually there. Thank you!" Assisted Living Administrator

"This was a wonderful seminar. I feel every member of the the health care field should attend this seminar." RN

"Content was very interesting and taught me a lot considering being a certified practitioner. I learned some new techniques for activities and treatment options." RN


This is the first year I attended the NADONA National Conference. The NCCDP Practitioner Training and Trainer courses were the primary reason I registered to attend the NADONA Conference. I have 27 years of experience in Clinical Geriatric Mental Health Services. This training was intellectually challenging with a simplified application for all staff regardless of education or experience. This training should be the standard for Dementia Care training. The end result would be training which produces positive clinical outcomes with minimally trained staff.

Diane Reagle

CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
May 18th 2015
Raleigh NC
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training

"The seminar was excellent. Nellie kept us engaged and the class participated and provided input from their work experience. I will implement some of the recommendations in the facility. For example, never thought about spiritual assessments and the whole spiritual section was wonderful and enlightening." Beatrice Murphy LNHA RN CDP CADDCT Hashem Health Care Services

"I thoroughly enjoy the energy and compassion that Nellie brought to the program. I found that the original excitement I had in the beginning of the program is still present."Sandy Spillman Assisted Living Administrator

"I learned about diversity and culture was very helpful and informative. Glad to see sexuality discussed as many do shy away from it. Overall, I learned many new tools that I never thought about. Some things were a good refresher I knew but forgot." Assisted Living Administrator

"Very pleased with the program in general. It was great to get the whole program" Gerontologist

"The section on elopement behavior was interesting would like to have learned more about the disease process." Activity Professional

"Covered multiple topics and great examples with stories offered great ideas to make our units better for our residents. Enjoyed the interactive part of the day. How to better organize our dementia units, realized things we need to do and thing we should not do. How to better train the staff." Janice Rider CADDCT CDP Premier Senior Living

"I was particularly pleased with the environment and the activity presentation. I got more from the course, very informative and well presented. Care of resident with dementia, apply it to students I teach and also practice in a memory care unit to teach employees educate staff and family members." Kuburat Ganiyn CDP CADDCT  Assisted Living Administrator Care One Memory Unit Care One Health Training Institute

"Sexuality piece was good. The over all content was very relevant and informative and great refresher. The specialization that is needed when caring for these with dementia updated information will conduct training internally and externally." Yolanda Hunter M.Ed CDP CADDCT Phoenix Senior Living Director of Operations  


April 9th 2015

"To Whom It Concern;
I'm writing to you today to stay that the Alzheimer's disease and dementia care seminar that I attended in Reno was truly amazing experience. That is because of the very talented and equally educated Anthony F Vicari. He made the whole seminar intriguing, fun and I definitely learned allot more than I already knew. Mr.. Vicari had the entire room engaged with his relatable, personal experiences and fun activities that inspired me to do the same thing with my staff members. I took the information that I learned from his seminar and applied them in my daily activities. If there is anyone to teach for the Alzheimer's disease and dementia care seminar in Kenai Alaska It would definitely have to be Anthony F Vicari. Thank you."  Adrianne Miranda Director of Life Enrichment  Fernley Estates  

"To Whom It May Concern;
I attended the Certified Dementia Training (Alzheimer's disease and dementia care seminar) class on March 21st 2015. The class was amazing! The material presented was a wonderful reminder of what is truly important when dealing with our elderly patients. I have implemented many of the suggestions made for time management and getting back to what really maters. I continue to work with my employer to implement many more. Mr.. Vicari presented the materials in an extremely fun, interactive presentation that made the 8 hours go by quickly. I would personally recommend the class and look forward to taking future classes from him. Thank you for your time." Sincerely, Jennifer Parkerson ADPC

"Hello, my name is Bobbie Bonta. I am the activity director of a nursing home in Northern Nevada. I have recently attended the Alzheimer's disease and Dementia care seminar presented by Anthony Vicari. First off, I would like to say that Anthony was a wonderful presenter, extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. The 8 hour seminar was not dull once. I have worked with Alzheimer's dementia patients for 15 years and have found that the more educated you become on the disease, the more compassionate and understanding you are in your job with the patients. I learned tons of information during this seminar and great techniques and practices. Attending this seminar reminded me of why I chose the career field that I chose. It reminded me to get back o the basics and priorities ...my patients." Bobbie Bonta ADC 


"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful seminar that was given by Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training yesterday at Brookhaven. It was very informative and presented very well. A few of the attendees that I spoke to mentioned how much they enjoyed it and that even though it was long, the speaker presented the topics in a way that held their attention. I appreciate all the time you put into getting this ready for our company...especially responding to my many emails. Thanks again and looking forward to working with you again in the future."

Kathlene Castagno CTRS CDP
Assistant Administrator
Hudson View Care and Rehab Center


CADDCT Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
April 6th 2015
Seattle WA
NCCDP Corporate Instructor: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT

"Well informed instructor, passionate. good review for me" Assisted Living Administrator

"(I was pleases with the entire seminar) all. I learned about in-service training, wandering kits, utilization of wandering information sheet." Activity Professional

"Sexuality was informative. Assist staff with information for education and in-services." RN

"It was a great refreshing course." DON

"Very informative. ( I learned) The disease process and care and interventions"  LPN

"Felt very fortunate Lynn presented our program. Her experience and passion was amazing. The details were great and the handouts notebook will be a great resource."


CADDCT Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
May 4th 2015
Santa Ynez Valley Buellton CA
NCCDP Corporate Instructor: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT

"As a senior care consultant and professional the content and the manner in which this seminar is presented and outlined stimulate a commitment to providing the best care and support to the caregivers and those afflicted with Alzheimer's or Dementia. I look forward to sharing and teaching."
Terri Wright
Wright Consulting

"I have been working with the dementia populations for about 10 plus years. I am always amazed to know more new information. I plan on teaching this course and educating the facilities, campus and all over California." Activity Professional

"Lynn was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. She was down to earth and the information is immediately applicable to my practice. The course was a comprehensive over view of dementia and various approaches to dealing with behavior in patients and its impact on families. Highly recommended." Geriatric Care Manager


CADDCT Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
August 8th 2015
Rhode Island
Trainer: Nellie Stolarz CALA ADC CDP CADDCT
NCCDP Vice President of Corporate Training

Director of Education
Health Consultants

"I thought the seminar was great. A wonderful amount of information to bring back to the facility and also bring this knowledge to my professionals."
Deborah Iappini RNC CDP CADDCT
Assistant Director of Nursing
Maplewood Senior Living

"(I liked) case studies, personal story sharing was a fun interesting way to relate as professionals and learn new ways to prevent behaviors, increase safety, de escalate behavior. the Trainer tips for presentations and all the extra resources will help me be a better trainer. Also discussing sexuality which is so under discussed normally give me more confidence t handle situations better at my facility."  
Notre Dame

" ( I learned ) activities with dementia populations, rummage drawers, staff education, helping staff understand disease, sensory images etc. Handling behaviors with dementia population, thinking outside the box to problem solve."  RN

"I really enjoyed the activity section. I learned new resources for sensory stimulation. learned about utilizing different resources, i.e. web sites, support groups, etc." Activity Professional

"Great resources and safety procedures." Occupational Therapist

"The entire program was fabulous. I learned numerous areas, how to manage behaviors, wandering, changes in the brain," RN

" Nellie has great passion and experience. Very good multi cultural awareness." Counselor

  "Great Speaker, very hands on." Nursing Home Administrator


CADDCT Certified Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
April 25th 2015
Louisville KY 

"All was great. I have learned that knowledge is power! I will explain to my staff just as well as you have educated me!" 

"Lot of great information. I learned about policies, procedures, web site information and activities'

"I really liked the resources that were made available. I learned some different ideas using information for training. The information is appropriate for all staff from nursing assistants to advanced nursing staff to dietary."
Donna Watson RN CDP CADDCT

"I was very pleased with the provided resources, books, web sites, etc. I learned specifics about how to conduct the class and will include many of the resources."

"Well rounded, I learned different ways to communicate, treat levels of dementia" CTRS

"Pleased by materials shared, books, activities, how to further facilitate communication with residents." Student

"Great information, will have allot to review and implement and modify." Administrator

"I appreciated all the resources presented." RPH

"I was pleased with all the information given. I learned about different programming for activities and was reminded about different techniques that work with dementia." CTRS

'Gained and reinforced knowledge on behavior and interventions." CTRS


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
April 17th 2015
Grand Rapids Michigan
Instructor: NCCDP Corporate
Vice President of Corporate Training

"Thank you Nellie, it was a very pleasant and worthwhile training! I I enjoyed her teaching style. (I learned) how to use the materials to train employees for CDP readiness."
Jodee Ewbank CDP CADDCT

" The materials and resources were very good. The format I should use for educating others (I learned about)."
Cindi Starek RN BSN CDP CADDCT Angels Home Health Care

"I liked the pace and the encouragement of class discussion on the the participation."  
Lisa Iacobelli RN MSN CDP CADDCT
Corso Care

"Notebook very nice with good information. Video was good I had never considered that the dementia person sees them self as young and how looking in a mirror would be distressing. will help me be aware of their point or perspective."

"I liked the activity ideas and resources" Reminisce Coordinator

"The seminar was very informative and fun,f full of energy." Administrator

"All of it was beneficial." Psychologist

"Received allot more new information than I expected. Many suggestions to make o staff and family such as environmental and share information." CTRS

"Nelly appeared to have passion for working with the elderly. She was knowledgeable about the subject. I liked the stories that were provided. I liked the speaker was transparent about herself." Social Worker

"Binder was great information, can not wait to read it! Many resources and suggestions provided. I will look into the slums assessment. Use the who what when where why to help resident talk about home or their exit seeking." RN DON

"I learned some extra tips and tricks." SLP

"I learned new ideas that will help me in choosing a better facility for my next job. There were also great resources we might share with families. Sensory techniques to attempt patients or suggest to other staff members." SLP

"It was a great day. I learned a great deal. Nellie is a terrific presenter. Several key things about policy and procedures especially safety. Dividing our elders for activities more." Activity Professional

"I enjoyed the references to additional web sites and books that I can reference to further our facilities care of dementia residents. I liked the interactive nature of the program between presenter and participants. " Assisted Living Clinical Director

"Excellent." CEO HC Skilled care Day Care

"I enjoyed learning from other participants experiences. I am excited to take back some activity ideas." RN   

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Center for Policy and Innovation-Quality Monitoring Program
CADDCT Trainer Certification Seminar
April 15th 2015
Austin TX

"Regarding the training it was very informative. I've obtained allot of resources for additional information. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject. She made the class fun. Enjoyable the stories and example. There was allot of information that I will be able to implement into different classes especially the resources."
Joint Provider Training Specialist

"Education and handouts will be extremely helpful when conducting trainings. Stepping into their reality without lying but without creating undo distress. I will use this when personally speaking with individuals at facilities. I also found it interesting that the identified percentage of total dementia residents in most facilities being 80 percent."
Hahn Hortencia BSN RN CADDCT CDP
RN Quality Monitor

"It was great as I expected. The business consulting education was unexpected and very valuable and appreciated. I learned allot more resources to use for referring providers to." 
Kimberly Gonzalex BSN RN CDP CADDCT
Quality Monitoring Program

"Sandy is engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She talks fast so listen fast! An amazing amount of information, wish we would have had more time to discuss in class."
Catherine Osborn RN BC CDP CADDCT
Nurse Quality Monitor

"I enjoyed the interaction through skits. No disappointments there. When I am out in the nursing facilities, I 'I will be at the nurses stations and on the floor listening to how staff interact with the residents and I will have the opportunities to teach what I have learned on interacting with dementia residents."
Kathryn Burleson RN CDP CADDCT
Quality Monitor Nurse

"The resources are in-depth, relevant and very progressive. Sandy is a great presenter and kept my attention through out.  Great over view of dementia care, lots of suggestions and ways we can specifically assist our facilities"
Danielle Garrison MSN RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse Quality Monitor

"I was particularly pleased by the way Mrs.. Stimson presented the learning material wit enthusiasm and confidence of what she was teaching to keep the audience focused and eager to learn. The skits and examples of real life situations gave there insight of what she was explaining in the learning material, made it easier to understand. I learned that if you keep someone with Alzheimer' s disease and dementia busy with activities and entering into their world will help to eliminate allot of harmful behaviors. I will now be aware to explain to the nursing facilities that I visit on different activities and useful resources to use when dealing with Alzheimer's disease and dementia residents rather than making medication to sedate the firs choice for treatment."
Latisha Milus RN CDP CADDCT
Quality Monitoring

"Very interesting, so much great information. I learned many ways to redirect, understand their perspective on things, what could cause adverse reactions from dementia resident."
Education Services

"Really enjoyed the examples and experiences"
Nurse Quality Monitoring

"I was pleased with all the resources and web sites you led us too. I was also pleased that it is person centered. The presenter was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the residents. I learned that treating dementia with dignity and the portion on entering their reality, will be very helpful as well as the elopement sections. I gained new ideas and interventions for care planning I will share with the nursing facility."
Quality Monitor

"I learned allot. Very Helpful." 
Jan Brinegar RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse Quality Consultant

"I found it helpful when I thought about if the doors were locked and new this was my home...This vividly painted examples by the instructor clearly how individuals who can only process the here and now can become so confused and upset. I was provide with teaching tools and methods and plenty of helpful web sites and resources that I can use in my day to day practices as a quality nurse monitor for the state of Texas."
Theresa Kelly RN CDP CADDCT
Quality Monitoring Department

"Greatly appreciated the extensive amount of valued resources provided which can be readily shared with the staff of long term facilities. The practice examples allowed direct relation to day to day situations in long term care facilities."
Quality Monitor

"I very much enjoyed the fresh approach to caring for residents with dementia and the emphasis on seeing them as human beings with feelings, not just a disease. The multiple ideas on approaches and tactics to use in all aspects of care for residents that I can now teach to nursing home staff. I believe this can make a big difference in the quality of life for these people."
Donna Rosson RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse Quality Monitor

"Very grateful for the level of expertise of a trainer with extensive skills as an activity director. Wow!. My tool kit basket is over loaded and I can not wait to share with the residents, families, staff and volunteers specific applications to person centered care planning, goals, outcomes, related to all the areas addressed including improved communication skills! I look forward to incorporating information shared in my in-services as I integrate more examples of behavioral management alternatives for residents with flucuation in cognitive functioning. I look forward to all the ways we will explain and enhance overall qualify of life. I also plan to include the skits shared, really made a difference, loved it!"
Leslie Allson Northern RN CDP CADDCT

"I am looking forward to having more information pertaining to activities that are meaningful for dementia residents. As a Pharmacist I want to have non pharmacological interventions to share and this gives me the tools to do so."
Elizabeth McManamy RPH CDP CADDCT
Pharmacist Quality Monitoring

Every aspect of the seminar training is valuable information, signs of symptoms of Alzheimer's disease will be very useful in the day to day practice and also for m personal life and family. It is a good comprehensive training. I will be able to train facility staff taking care of residents"
Omolara Ogunleye RN CDP CADDCT
Quality Monitoring Program

"I was very pleased with the tremendous resources provided to the participants. Allot of insights and tips that will make the material more easily understood to the care givers we train. Many ideas to share with the providers and care givers including great options for activity programming. Appreciated the scope of topics presented including the component on intimacy and sexuality an area that is not often addressed in long term care settings."
Sharilyn Mead RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse III Information and Development

"I was pleased that the seminar included skits to be utilized in training. I learned about current recommendations and resources related to care of persons with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. I will apply the knowledge acquired to provide training to staff at the long term care facilities that I am assigned to visit who sign up to attend the Alzheimer's diseases and dementia care seminars."
Everlyn Teague RN CDP CADDCT
Quality Nurse Monitor

"The examples the speaker real world experiences was great. The class participation also enhanced my learning experience.  All aspects of the course increased my knowledge of Alzheimer' s dementia. The key points regarding effective communication with older Americans with dementia will help the providers that I teach met the needs of the residents they serve."
Barbara Dillard RN CDP CADDCT
Nurse Quality Monitor

CADDCT Certification Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
April 11th 2015
Denver Colorado
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz BS ADC CALA CADDCT CDP CDCM
Vice President of Corporate Training

"Really enjoyed the stories shared by the instructor, group was valued in knowledge and experiences, it was very good to see instructor handled this, great resources shared and appreciate the amazing tools to support me as an instructor and consultant. enjoyed the chapter on spirituality and will use the with family members.

"What I liked was how to figure out what to do for residents with dementia and deal with pain and how to look for it, different techniques, use hot towels warmed up, prayer before meals, this is positive energy for residents." Activity Professional

"I loved nellies enthusiasm and knowledge. I want to initiate more activities that the resident can feel proud about." Activity Professional

"Information was good, organization of information. This helped fill in the blanks." Administrator

"It made me aware of different behaviors" Activity Professional

"I learned allot about Alzheimer's and Dementia." Nurses Aide

"I learned there are different types of dementia and Alzheimer's and different approaches with helping each individual person." Nurses Aide

"Learned allot of information I did not know, learned how to work better and understand our residents." Nurses Aide

"I learned a good understanding of dementia and Alzheimer's disease and was very helpful. Lots of great information.
 Family member
Good energy, well organized, the break down  of types of dementia was very useful and helpful information." Music Therapist


TX ADONA State Conference  
April 2nd 2015
San Marcos TX
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP CDCM CADDCT
Vice President of Corporate Training

CADDCT Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar

"I was not at all disappointed by anything I learned a lot. If you know better, you do better. I learned we need to be more proactive instead of reactive. These two statements will stay with me as I share information of best practices to care givers."
Crystal D Wallace MSW LSW CDP CADDCT
Assistant Director Adult Day Program
Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

"I really liked the way the information was presented in a personal way. Very informative and helpful. The concept of using exercies when training staff. I also liked the idea of simulating dementia imarmeds to give experiment to staff. " 
Christopher Stice LVN CDP CADDCT
Executive Director Wisteria Place Assisted Living

"I was interested in DMS5 as I am unfamiliar all together with this information. I learned tremendous amount of information and I am looking forward to teaching my employees. The communication and feelings section hit home to me." 
Nursing Home Administrator
Life Care Services INC

"Goals totally met to utilize with my position to increase quality care in LTC related to Alzheimer's and dementia."
Gaylon Maddox RN MS CDP CADDCT
Regional Nurse Consultant
Paragon Health Care

"The information was presented in a great format. The materials handed out and tools very helpful. I appreciated the content on depression in the elderly. I intend on utilize this with other several communities I work in and to train my clinicians." 
Tami Shemanske BS CDP CADDCT
Manager of Business Development
Great Lakes Caring

"I was pleased to know that the avenue exists to educate professionals working with the dementia population. A concise education curriculum that I will be able to present to many others over the years to come."
Susan Coopman-Moser ADC GC CDP CADDCT
Geriatric Care Advocate Specialist

"I was pleased with the seminar. I think the speaker was very professional, knowledgeable and organized. I learned how to better communicate with residents who are managing Alzheimer's dementia."
Jessic Jacobs RN CDP CADDCT
Christen Care Center

"The interactive activities, additional experiences knowledge of the trainer in addition to the power point was engaging and informative. A Chapter or two can be taught at a smaller level for general education. Especially since all chapters had very good information."
Alistair Batsell Young CHC CGIP CDP CADDCT
Owner Administrator
Homecare Assistance Fort Worth TX

"Particularly pleased by presenters compassion and knowledge of subject. Chapter on sexuality very helpful because it is not discussed and it should be. The personal care chapter was very important to me and I am responsible for hiring nurses and CNA's and insuring they receive proper training."
Christian Care Center Living Communities

"Good seminar, great trainer. Have attended this seminar before. Served to solidify the information and how to teach it."
Administrator Director of Nursing
Brightstar Care Bellaire  SW Houston TX

"Pleased with reference materials and instructor instructions."
VP Clinical Services
Christian Care Centers INC

"Concise well thought out presentation of materials with an instructor who was engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about the materials she presented. Guidance in how to present the materials in an organized fashion."
Julie Jorgensen BSN RN CDP CADDCT
Director of Nursing
Horizon House
Seattle WA

"Really liked life examples and interactions. Loved it. I learned how to work with dementia residents and how to teach the Alzheimer's dementia training. I want to train my staff and family caregivers."

"Danielle was very dynamic and knowledgeable and interactive. She did a great job repeating and emphasing important points. She used personal stories and experiences that made the seminar more effective. (II learned) Extended knowledge in all the areas of dementia. Activities that can be used during seminars to restate demonstrate specific points".
Owner Occupational Therapist
Essential Care

"Excellent course! Loved the activities for staff to implement. Reinforced my belief and value that meaningful and purposeful activities is that must be provided. In-service activities for CNA's, tons of new fodder for education." SLP

"I appreciated the tips on how to adapt the environment to be dementia Alzheimer's friendly." Speech Language Pathologist 

"Great speaker, very knowledgeable. I gained great ideas for increasing the person centered approaches to take back to all facilities to train our staff members and therapists." Speech Language Pathologist

"The similarities in behaviors of those with developmental disabilities and dementia. " Administrator NH

Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar
Train the Trainer CADDCT Seminar
March 13 2015
Hyattsville Maryland
NCCDP Vice President of Corporate Training: Nellie Stolarz BA ADC CALA CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Great location, ease of program, glad we are able to complete the seminar in one day vs multiple days. I learned many useful items for both use in facility and for educating the staff" 
Christine Harrington BA MS CDP CADDCT
Administrator Homestead Manor


Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Orlando Florida
March 21 2015
Vice President of Corporate Training

"loved activities. looking forward to books. Stories made it engaging. I learned how to teach to different level of students, spiritual piece was insightful"
Tiffany Doreste CDP CADDCT
Assisted Living Administrator

"Loved the interactive approach presenter used to conduct the class. While most of the materials presented has been presented before I always pick up on areas to apply to needs I currently have at work. Plus, lots of resources from the presenter and group. Woo Hoo.
Charlene Mabe CADDCT CDP
Operations Specialist

"Teaching style and interactive stories, multiple examples and many resources given through out the program (I liked). I learned new interventions and approaches to caring for Alzheimer's dementia"
Donna Kralick CDP CADDCT

"It was well presented and organized. I liked the web sites and tools for the staff."
Dana Sargent CDP CADDCT

"I lived the coverage of sexuality. I have learned allot more about activities for Alzheimer's dementia residents."
Jane McGinley CDP CADDCT

"I was able to stay interested and focused through out the entire length of the class. The practical application of the seminar was taught well."
Wendy Wells CDP CADDCT
Professional Guardian / Care Manager

"I enjoyed the interaction and feed back from the students in the room as well as the speaker. I liked the organization of content and pointers I need the business and marketing instruction."
Marcia Greene

"Wealth of resources given was very helpful. Anecdotal stories. It is always great to get information from a different perspective. Great tips for teaching that I most definitely will apply. I will definitely tap into the many resources and use even more information." 
Rebecca Richard CDP CADDCT 

"I enjoyed the new internet resources and with all the information presented. The speaker was very effective in communicating all the information. I learned allot about the way facilities will change in the future because of the baby boomers, etc. There was also good information about spiritual assessments and cultural changes." CTRS

"Need more time to go through information." I learned about Ftags." CTRS

"Had lots of great information. Was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of resources." Social Worker

"I liked the information in the slide presentation. I learned about a few different types of dementia that I was not aware of." Activity Professional / Assisted Living Administrator

"Content presented was excellent. Great resources. I need to keep an open mind. Adjust to the needs of the future, care of the total person as an individual, need for additional committees such as wandering committee." RN

"Particularly pleased with the instructors ability to connect on real life experiences with the course material. I learner dhow to create a better environment for my residents. Also being aware of cultural an spiritual differences among residents. " Activity professional

"Got some ideas outside of my usual box" Activity Professional

"Nellies presentation was interesting and appropriate. In general of this program applied to what I do." Councilor  

"Some useful websites and some useful tips to take back to the dementia unit." Activity Professional

"Will incorporate some suggestions back in our facility." Administrator

"New ideas for the dementia activities and approaches." Activity Professional

"Great information and tools to use" Assisted Living Administrator


"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful seminar that was given by Nellie  Stolarz NCCDP Corporate Trainer  yesterday at Brookhaven.  It was very informative and presented very well.  A few of the attendees that I spoke to mentioned how much they enjoyed it and that even though it was long, the speaker presented the topics in an way that held their attention. I appreciate all the time you put into getting this ready for our company…..especially responding to my many emails! Thanks again….looking forward to working with you again in the future. 

Kathlene Castagno, CTRS, CDP
Assistant Administrator
Hudson View Care and Rehab Center
North Bergen, New Jersey 07047


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer' s disease and dementia care seminar
Hyattsville MD
March 13 2015
NCCDP Vice President of Corporate Training: Nellie Stolarz BA ADC CALA CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Great location, ease of program, glad the completion (of seminar) is one day vs. multiple days. I learned many useful items for both use in the facility and and for educating the staff."
Christine Harrington BA MS CDP CADDCT 
Administrator Homestead Manor

"Please with presentation on spiritual assessment, I learned different useful webs sites to obtain more and useful information.' Social Worker

"I liked the activities section. I want to encourage my CNA's to help with activities. We should be doing spiritual assessments." DON

"Sexuality. It was really good and I have a patient at one of my facilities who would like that. I learned how to handle patients with dementia. Being patient with them and doing activities with clear and specific steps. Breakdown. I will be glad to conduct in-services in the facility where I work." Physical Therapist Assistant Director of Rehab

"I learned about patient centered interventions." DON RN

"Material presented in an orderly manner. (I Learned) How to interact with dementia patients." RN

"No disappointments. A lot of information." Social Worker

"Provided an excellent over view. Lots of good information to share with others." Assisted Living Administrator

"The information presented served as a review for me. After reviewing the manual I am sure I will find new information." Home Care Agency Owner

" (I Learned) The vast knowledge of the different types of diseases related to memory care, loss, symptoms, stages and interventions. I learned more about dementia and better ways of working with residents with the diagnosis." Social Worker

"I learned different activities to do for different stages of dementia. How to better support families, care givers of patients with dementia. I learned ways of changing environment to calm and soothe residents. I will start to do more spiritual evaluations with residents." Social Worker

"Informative across many disciplines and areas of expertise. I learned that despite my many years of experience and levels of service (I management, administration) I can never know or learn enough." Social Worker

"Very pleased that sexuality was addressed and also end of life and spirituality was very good. I was able to learn of many valuable resources I was not aware of and I will be able to utilize them to increase effectiveness of our program." DON

"I learned about activities. The variety of ways to care for a variety of residents." Activity Professional

"The seminar flowed well, maintained interest through out the day. Great application, tips, techniques and especially activities." Director of Alzheimer's Care Unit

"It was all good. I got a lot of references. Thank you." Activity Professional

"Nellie was well informed and had good examples. The sock story was over the top. I learned some new resources. Activity Professional



CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Harrisburg PA
March 13 2015
NCCDP Vice President of Corporate Training Danielle MiCale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP CADDCT CDCM

"I was pleased to be engaged the entire time of the presentation. Although I spent all day at the seminar. I felt like the time flew by quickly. I will take allot of ideas and interventions back to work to try. I learned more environmental things to be aware of and I never thought about before. I am eager to take these ideas back to the community."
Kristen Altland AP-BC CDP CADDCT
Spirit Trust Lutheran
The Village at Sprenkle Drive

"I Loved the discussion on elopement policy and procedures. There are so many aspects that I can take to staff and great over view of policies need to be put into place." Assisted Living Administrator
Personal Care Administrator
Spiri Trust Lutheran

"Although all of the information was helpful I found the discussions on communication and feelings as well as activities and diversity resonated with me in regards to the work I do. Also, information on repetitive behaviors will be very beneficial for educating our staff. I learned much information That I will be able to help enhance knowledge for our staff of all departments. I learned, specifically information on suggestions to improve environment to help minimize wandering, exit seeking that I can apply to my facility."
Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor
Foxdale Village

"Great speaker. Really enjoyed the personal experiences which tied the presentation together. I liked so many things and I cant wait to take it all back to educate the staff." Social Worker
Social Worker
Foxdale Village

"Danielle's presentation style was so refreshing. She more than held my interest and made me excited about going back to my facility and making life better for our residents. She was so real and gave such great ideas. I learned the best way and to communicate, understand individuals, validate and ask more important questions. What words do you know, what do they mean? How to redirect the person, deescalates the situation and validate. What do you do when you are upset. Establishing wandering committees and tool kits and drills." Director of Rehab Services / Long Term Care  PT

"Speaker was fantastic. Great stories added to the learning experience. Provided great training ideas to take back to my staff. Sensitivity training for example to help staff to feel and see what residents go through." Director of Adult Day Services

"I like how much was covered. /such a vast topic to discuss and covered a great portion. How to handle sexuality with elderly  and what not to do." Trainer

"This was a good presentation. I learned interventions with residents and how to make our dementia unit more user friendly and home like." Social Worker

"The information presented was well organized. There is a great amount of information. This will be used for in house trainings especially the communication tools." Assisted Living Administrator

"Danielle's personal sharing resonates wit the way I  work with my residents and staff as well as with clients of my private consulting business focused on advance care planning for end of life. People trust those  typically  ho have walked a personal path on the topic. I learned helpful distinctions between dementia and depression. Recommendations to conduct a noise study, the color comparison of healthy brain  vs. Alzheimer's brain is jaw dropping. Can't wait to use it in my staff in-services." Social Worker

"samples of activity calendars for dementia ideas for dementia care unit and types of dementia. Ideas to enhance the dementia care unit, how to instruct the staff to provide care to the residents to reach the best quality of life for each resident." LPN Personal Care Administrator

"I have a greater understanding of the symptoms and experiences of the neuron cognitive disorder. As the Director of Admissions, the knowledge help me empathize and support the family members, care givers and patients and guardians." Director of Admissions

"I Learned many facts" CNA

" I liked the examples given for teaching a new and old staff members. All the information presented was very informative and useful." RN

"Activities is more then what you see on the activity calendar. Great insight an ideas to implement to al staff, volunteers and very encouraging. Share all the information presented to the staff and cnas and I learned about elopement, kits for outings".Activity Professional

"Useful resources for further education. I learned about noise studies, sexuality, intimacy, diversity and cultural training. CTRS

"I liked the entire seminar was fantastic. I learned different approaches to handle behaviors and approaches to educate direct care staff." DON

"Enjoyed the pace, allowed us to get much information. Lots of tips and ideas for handling behaviors." Assisted Living Administrator

"I enjoyed the discussions of chapter 1, learning about different diagnosis. I enjoyed learning about communication and thinking of how to better the assessment process at our facility." Activity Professional

"Appreciated segment on communication, the dementia mnemonic to help rule out other causes of symptoms and behaviors, difference between wandering and elopement, elements of communication can be applies to all aspects of life. " Counselor

"I appreciated that Danielle kept the information upbeat and was engaging by telling personal stories. I learned that my facility should be more proactive about wandering procedures. I will take this information to my administrator. Activity Professional

"Knowledge of the speaker and dynamic approach. I learned alternative ways to approach for functional activities. Care giver education on disease process." OT

"Very detailed and lots of new ways to deal with the disease" Activity Professional / LPN

"I enjoyed all aspects of the seminar. Looking outside the box." RN

"The reality based presentation of the information. Good tasks and activities to try with my staff and family members to learn to live in the residents world." OT

"Danielle is an excellent presenter! Appreciated the personal examples too. I appreciated the tips for environmental interventions, as well as methods for improving communication with the residents who have dementia." OT

"I Loved the in-depth information of this course. More in-depth information on dementia was covered, great ideas on environment." OT


Private Training
Brookhaven Health Care and Rehab (NJ)
March 9th 2015
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz BS ADC CDP CADDCT CDCM

"I was pleased with the time spent on the seminar and the instructors passion. I have a better understanding of how to understand our resident and identify their needs" RN
"I enjoyed the presenters zest and passion. Further reinforced my current beliefs and knowledge on serving this population. Great tips and reminders" CTRS
"I learned to be more creative with regards to developing interventions. Each patient is unique and interventions should be patient centered. I learned in dealing with dementia we need to enter their reality". RN
"Interesting to hear different activities to do with residents. I learned general knowledge of ways to interact with the patient families. I identified things that would not have occurred to me." Social Worker
"Every chapter was well presented. Each topic discussed was really enlightening and will be utilized to improve the care for our residents with dementia and Alzheimer's disease" RN
"Very good and interesting seminar." Activity Professional
"I learned about having music with no words in the dining room" Dietitian
"Loved all the activity ideas, realistic to do. Good information on wandering and what to do for residents who wander" CTRS
"All aspects very informative. I learned about new non drug interventions to help calm the Alzheimer's patients." DON
"Pleased for updated approaches for dementia residents. I learned about new gadgets for wanderers. I also gave thought to updating the facility policy for wanders and elopers." RN
"I enjoyed the seminar. I learned things that I did not know, the trainer explained the topic well. I learned about PBA. I did not know there is a name for this and the meaning. I will look it up more information on this topic." Nurses Aide
"Very comprehensive, well elaborated It was very informative, knowledge obtained will be applied in helping dementia patients in the facility" LPN
"The part about different cultures pleased me. How to handle people/ residents with dementia and that all dementia residents are different." Nurses Aide
"Learning how to deal with Alzheimer's dementia residents." Nurses Aide
"Seminar was great. Learned a lot" Nurses Aide
"Sexuality inappropriate behavior from residents towards staff was beneficial information. Resources available outside of facility like the IPOD grant, I learned about safety polices for wanderers, elopement to be in-services and policies need to be reviewed. I need to in-service staff not say goodbye when leaving the floor." RN
"Very good seminar. I will apply what I learned in every way." Activity Professional
"Was pleased to learn things I didn't know about." Nurses Aide
"I learned about activities for residents, changes in perception, hydration and making water containers more attractive such as water with floating cucumbers." LPN
"Very good" Nurses Aide
  "Learning how to manage Alzheimer's patients" Nurses Aide
"I learned how to handle and deal with sexual advances from residents." Nurse Aide
"I learned one idea in case of elopement to keep the scent on the chart by using a sock they wore with their scent on it. LPN
"Overall was good. Eliminate ball toss.' LPN
"Being able to hear suggestions on ways to keep residents satisfied that could be used to modify our activities program. I learned proper procedures and different ways to do what we than what we have been already been doing." Activity Professional
"I learned allot about dementia and what to do when you have a family member with it." Activity Professional
"Did bring me back to thinking of residents as a person and not a job. I learned so many things I can't name them all." Activity Professional
"I learned to use NCCDP web sites for more information and forms" Social Worker 


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
February 10 2015
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Nellie Stolarz BS ADC CDP CADDCT CDCM

"I enjoyed all of the seminar I felt there was an appropriate amount of attention to cultural sensitivity and diversity for our ever changing world. I know I need to be more aware of cultural and spiritual beliefs. I am resolved to do my best to educate families and care givers in teh future." Linda Chapman RN CDP CADDCt


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT semininar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
February 4th 2015
Monroe NJ
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Danielle Micala MHA LNHA CTRS CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Danielle was a great speakeer, knowledgable and interesting. Her personal experiences as well as her expertise were great! I learned about new phrasees and new ideas in the field. This is helpful for feeling confident relatying the most accurate information to your students and families and support groups."
Roselane Coordinator
Bear Creek Assited Living

"Extremly well organized. Maintained my interest the entire time. enoyed the personal touches and stories. I will absolutley be implementing the seminar, activities into my training." 
Francesca McKernan CALA CDP CADDCT
Director of sales and Marketing
Bentley Assisted Living at Branchville

"All the inforamtion was very helpful"
Victoria Karpman RN RAC-CT CDP CADDCT
MDS Coordinator
Rooosevelt Care Center Old Bridge NJ

"Great speaker. I learned about different interventions to apply to client practice."
Joan Karpinski RN MSN CDP CADDCT
Director of Nursing
Roosevelt Care Center Edison NJ

"(I was pleased) with personal stories" Social Worker

" I feel more competent as a result of this seminar. So much, as I am not working in a faciity but seeing cargivers and others in my private practice." Social Worker

"Speaker was excellent, reerences to find reseach information, and I liked the suggested reading" Nurse

"( I learned) review of dementia and alzheimer's was excellent. the addition of numerous changes in vocabulary is very useful and handouts will be great to share with my staff, can't wait to share with my staff." Nurse


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
January 9th 2015
Tampa Florida
Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CADDCT CDCM

"I really enjoyed the final three hours. As the Executive Director of the Alois Alzheimer's Center.  I was looking for a quality organization which provides in depth Alzheimer's disease training which covers the breath of this disease in a very practical way. NCCDP training  fully met that criteria. We now have additional resources to keep our staff on the leading edge of providing specialized care and personalized service."
Executive Director
Alois Alzheimer's Center 

"I was impressed with the sophicated approach to activity planning and presentation. I also enjoyed hearing about support groups and running a successful program. As a Vice President for a senior living company, I am able to receive innovative web sites technology resources and the most currect research relating to dementia care and programming. This not only services me professionally but my company as well."
Michele Thompson CDP CADDCT
Vice President of Operations
Watercrest Senior Living

"As a Director of Nursing, I received current and relevant training or many of the clients our company serves. I will be able to train my staff effectively. I learned about dementia Dianosis, treatment of behaviors, practical application of knowledge presented."
Director of Nursing
CareMinders Home Care

"I enjoyed all of the skits, it is a great way to keep the attendees attention and helps to teach an hands on approach. As the community educator and business development specialist for the assisted living division of our company, I will be able to offer education to a much needed health care industry. As the older population is aging more associations and facilities need more educaiton for their staff to provide quality care and give residents great quality of life."
Christina Zanetti CDP CADDCT
Regional Business Developement Specialist
Arden Courts

"As a Social Worker the information and training provided current and cultural issues for the Alzheimer's dementia customer in a professional organized manner. I was engaged through out the seminar. Sexuality portion helped me to understand."
Candace Sambrook MS AC-BC ACC CDP CADDCT
Director fo Social Services
Winter Park Care and Rehabilitation Center

"(I liked) Activities for residnets with Dementia, religious needs. I plan to incorporate the information I gathered on communicating with individuslas with cognitive impairments to educate nursing staff and improve our practices." RN

"Very interesting, will incorporate activities into treatment sessions." CTRS

"I am very pleased with the class and the lady (sandra stimson) that gave the seminar. I learned alot that I never knew before today. I never knew half of what I learned." Medical Assistant

"I learned about anti elopement techniques, very informative. I learned about safety of patients with dementia, adopt the discussed safety measures into research projects. " Research Project Manager 

"I learned about elopement and behaviors and was very helpfull. Along with activities help me re energize what is coming." CTRS

"Great communication and knowledge. I learned more successful refinded activity programs, i will update elopement policy, i learned about ethics committee and practices." LPN Activity Professional